What’s In A Name

Dear Maise,

People ask us all the time how we chose your name. While we didn’t officially pick your name until you got here, an awful lot of love and thought went into choosing it.

Your dad and I didn’t want to name you before we knew you. While you were kicking around and hiccupping in there, we called you nugget (that one stuck), and I also lovingly referred to you as a pizza oven on multiple occasions (life with you on the inside was HOT).

Maise means ‘beauty’ in Celtic. With Irish blood on both sides of the family, we love that your name is a nod to your ancestry. It’s why we chose this spelling, even though I often wondered if people would know how to pronounce it. Maise, like Daisy. Maise is also a derivitive of the name Margaret, another important name for us. Not only do you have your wonderful Grandma Maggie, I grew up with a pretty incredible grandma Margie myself. I’ll tell you all about her another time. You are named for strong, independent, vibrant women.

Your name was always Joanne, for your other great-grandma. She died when I was too little to remember her, but I have always felt very close to her. It was important to me that you grow up with the same strength, grace, and unconditional love I feel through her presence everyday.

In our house, your name means peace. It means happiness and wonder and trust. It means sunshine, every second of the rainest days and darkest nights.

We adore you. Wonderful, unique, beautiful Maise Joanne.