Life With Maise: 3 Months!

Dear Maise,

Today is your three month birthday! It’s a beautiful, but slightly chilly spring day. This morning we all woke up slow, snuggled for a couple of hours, and walked down to the park. Right now we are posted up on a shady spot; you are long overdue for a nap but happily (ok, maybe a little fussily) looking up at your dad and the trees and the light blue sky. I’m very hopeful you’ll drift off to Dreamland soon!

Yeah, now you’re snoozing under there little caterpillar.

I was really struggling with going back to work, but you showed me that it’s gonna be just fine! You had such a good week. You slept in late for daddy (8am!?), took great naps, and had good night times, too! You had one day with Aunt Lynn and it sounds like you were your usual charming self for her, too. I came home after your midday day nap so we still got to go to Chirp on Monday (you sat right up and watched the lady the whole time!), and BAM on Tuesday (you did great tummy time, shouted at your friends, and took a good nap!). On Thursday I stayed home with you, and we went to a mommy and me yoga class. You were hilarious – you kept scooting yourself to the end of the cushion you were on, so you could hang your head over the side and yell at the momma’s in front of us. Eventually you got snatched up by one of the doula’s, who you won over right away and she insisted on holding you the rest of class. 🙂

Talking was your favorite thing to do this week! You decided to start singing the song of your people loudly and frequently, to whoever might be listening even (especially!) if it’s Mr. Rattle. You blew out a few too many diapers (our first traumatic blowout episode!), gave us lots of little giggles, and plenty of shrill messages. You got very good at putting yourself to sleep and sized up to mostly 6 month clothes. You weigh 13.8 lbs and you’re still very tall. We saw so many smiles, snuggled with everyone, and started reaching for your toys more frequently – right now you love any toy that has a smiley face!

I was very nervous about our big shake up this week, but you proved me wrong again. Life with you just gets better and better, and I feel so lucky! You really are a very perfect baby. Now, I’m gonna lay down and snuggle with you in the park, ok? You’re my sunshine, Mais.





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