Life With Maise: Hard Stop. (Week 12)

Dear Maise,

I just put you down to bed. I was secretly hoping for an extra long nurse and insistence on more minutes of snuggles, but you fell asleep nursing before I even got your jammies on, and then you slept through that, too. You haven’t done that since you were maybe 6 weeks old! We’ll have a couple of middle of the night snuggles tonight (probably, anyway. You’ve been waking up a lot lately, which I’ve complained about. I promise not to tonight)…. anyway. We’ll have our snuggles, but in the morning when you get up, Daddy’s gonna bring you to the bed for snuggles and I won’t be there. Feel free to snuggle into my spot and know I would give anything to be there with you two!

You’re gonna have a super special, fun morning with daddy. Tonight when I was crying so hard I couldn’t change your diaper (yeah, I know, it sounds ridiculous but I can’t seem to control myself), I went for a walk around the house and daddy took over. I was laughing to myself listening to you guys talk in there! I’m so glad you guys get to spend some time together this summer, starting tomorrow.

This week has been my favorite of all. Monday we went to Chirp!, which is songtime at the library. You have been so excited about singing lately. Your favorite song is Baby Beluga – guaranteed smile every time, and you’ve started chiming in part way through to sing along. You were your usual reserved self when we got there, but I’m hoping to take you back soon and see how much you love it a second time around. Tuesday we went to baby and me, as usual. Wednesday we hung around, and Thursday we did some shopping and met Daddy for lunch. Other than him leaving with our car keys, it was a great time! And the keys thing is pretty funny, actually. You know what else you did on Thursday? You started rolling over! You’ve been working on it a while, but you suddenly decided you liked tummy time… then boom! Nailed it. 🙂

Friday it really hit me that this was our last week together. It was a simply beautiful spring day, and we made the most of it after I cried through a nap and wrote you this letter. Sleeping under that tree in the park was so lovely, if too short!

Saturday and Sunday we made the most of our family weekend. We slept in, snuggled extra long in mommy and daddy’s bed, taught you about cribbage, and went for long walks. I snuggled you hard and smelled you a lot. 

You are definitely getting more social and you were a super happy girl all weekend. You’re talking more and crying less. And you’re so smiley, you even smiled at a stranger recently! Watching you look with absolute wonder about the world around you fills my heart in a way I can’t describe. 

I’ll cherish these 12 weeks we’ve had for the rest of my life. Leaving the house in the morning without you will be the hardest thing I’ve ever done. But I’ll see you after your midday nap!

I love you. I love you. I love you, sweet girl. You’re sunnier than ever.




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