Life With Maise: Social Butterfly. (Week 11)

Last week was one of my favorites with Maise so far (have I said that every week so far? I could say it about today, too). On Sunday, my brother was briefly in town and we had breakfast. We missed Amanda! But it was fun to let Maise play with him and see them together. He got her dressed for the day and at one point she had socks on her hands AND her feets! It was pretty adorable. That afternoon, we had Jolene’s baby shower. (That reminds me, I wrote a letter to Maise on this day. Find it here). Seeing River smile it up all day, and my serious, inquisitive Maise sizing everyone up was so hilarious and cute. Plus, we are getting so excited for Maise to have a little friend in baby JMD! 🙂
Maise and I went to baby and me, as usual. Wednesday, Maggie came over to spend the morning with us and see what Maise’s schedule is like in advance of my return to work. Now that Maise’s getting more interactive, it’s so fun to see how she responds to different people. She and Grandma had a great time singing silly songs and playing on the floor together!

Saturday, Jolene came over and Sam and J went to the Timbers game together. Jojo and Maise and I went out for ice cream and pizza, then came home and watched a girly movie. Maise chose that particular trip to throw one of her biggest fits to date in the back seat for about 15 minutes… poor tired girl, I guess we cut it too close to her bedtime! Needless to say, as soon as we got home she went right to sleep.

Last week (and this week!) I haven’t been getting a ton done around the house… I’m too busy soaking up every minute I have left with my little nugget and trying to embrace every little thing and commit what this time of life was like to memory forever. I regularly find myself glad that I started writing this stuff down, and reading through the things I wrote only a week or two ago. I’m not sorry the house is a mess, we can definitely clean it later.



Dear Maise,

Right now you’re snoozing. When I put you to bed tonight, you were wide awake and happy. To be honest I wasn’t sure you were going to go to sleep, I thought we might have a situation on our hands here! But I put you in your crib, spun the mobile once, and left the room. You never even made a peep! You really are a perfect baby.

I have loved each day, minute, and second we’ve spent together over these last weeks. You are such a sweet baby! Calling you a social butterfly last week is only partially true – you always look curious about something, but remain straight faced and quiet a lot of the time, especially in new situations. Around the house you’re getting smiler and chattier by the day, but usually you just quietly stare at people!

I’m running out of clever ways to say how much I love you kiddo. You’re still the sunshine!





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