Life With Maise: Shots With a Side of Snuggles (Week 10)

Maise’s 10th week!! We didn’t do a whole lot, as our last several weeks and weekends had been VERY busy. We did however have a trip to the pediatrician that I had been dreading.

FIRST VACCINES. I made Sam stay home from work that morning and go with me to the doctor. I think we were all glad to be there as a family. The appointment went well; Maise is growing like a weed: 78th %ile for weight, 91st for length, and 54th for head size. Yay Maise!

But then Dr Harper had to clean out one of Maise’s ears, and I had to hold Maise’s head still while she did it. That screech about broke my heart, but it was the REAL TEARS leaking from the sides of her eyes that really did me in. We’d never seen those before, and we haven’t even really seen them since! The ear cleaning was pretty quick and since she was already pretty pissed off at that point, we went right into vaccines. You know when babies are winding up for a cry so they get all red and angry and you just know a big ol’ scream is coming? Yeah, we had that for almost the entire length of the shots. Thank goodness for our awesome pediatrician and her nurse who were SUPER quick about it! I watched sweet Maise’s face the whole time, and it’s a good thing I did – her poor dad watched the shot part and still talks about how he wasn’t expecting the needles to be quite THAT big. So, shots were over and Maise started screaming, but I was able to pick her up and snuggle her right away, then distract her with the tried and true, consistent way to calm her down: a boob.

We went to baby and me that afternoon, but other than that we spent the day snuggled up on the couch. I had an extra grumpy, but extra snuggly snoozer on my hands!

The next day was my birthday (29!) and Maise was still pretty crabby. We met Sam, Marissa, and Jolene for lunch, but again, spent most of the day snuggled up at home. Same brought home flowers and wine, too! šŸ™‚

This is the week I started feeling anxiety about returning to work – probably because it was officially April and I go back to work in April. I tried to take advantage of every hug and snuggle since then!

Over the weekend we had a decent day on Saturday, and we ran some errands including birthday breakfast with Maggie and Wayne, and our annual trip to Fred’s in the springtime to get all of our annual plants. We spent the afternoon potting plants on the patio while Maise snoozed with an extra special windbreaker buddy.

My time off is running short but my minutes with Maise are long as I soak up all her smiles (and slobber)! šŸ™‚


Dear Maise,

I’m all cried out today. You’re taking an extra late nap because we went to the park and you took an extra short nap in the shade of a tree. I’m glad that I get off work early enough this summer that we can spend more sunny afternoons under trees with daddy, too! Never can tell what’ll set me over the edge today but I’m trying to embrace each and every second we have together. I love you, sweet girl. It’s 70 and sunny today and you’re still the brightest sunshine around.

I love you. I love you. I love you.




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