Life With Maise: Two Months (Week 9)

How on Earth did two months already pass?? At the same time, how on Earth has it only been two months? Time changes when you have a kid for sure.

On March 29 Maise was officially two months old. So of course, I grabbed the bunny from her pile of stuffies, dressed her in a cute new outfit from Aunt Whitney, and went for it with a floor photo shoot. Unlike my timing last month, she was perfectly happy to be photographed that day!

In her second month of life, Maise discovered her feet, her hands, and her dog. She became a frequent social smiler and started cooing a little. We went through one hundred million diapers and had to toss a couple of poopy outfits. She mastered long car rides and started developing a bit of a schedule for herself. We got outside for lots of walks, we smiled at ourselves in the mirror, and we decided bath time was alright (though the transition from naked to jammytime is still not her favorite). We started nighttime routines and napping in her own room. I froze SO much milk (a sick sort of satisfaction for this mama!). We got lots of Mandy kisses and floor time, and screamed at lots of red lights (sometimes together!). Maise danced with Daddy around the living room after work, and went to see how our flowers were growing outside. We watched dbirds and squirrels, and we played a little piano together, too!

At the end of the week, it was APRIL and Maise made her first trip to Grandma and Bumpa’s house.

We had a fun weekend at home. Saturday morning we had the whole shebang family over for breakfast and Maise got to meet lots of cousins and spend more time with grandma’s and grandpa’s and aunts and uncles. Momma got to drink a mimosa and eat lots of hashbrown casserole (yum!). We went for a long walk Saturday afternoon, just Grandma, Maise and me, and we made a new friend along the way. 

I felt so grateful for good friends and Baby and Me. This poor momma we met on our walk was desperate for some friends who were at a similar stage of life who live nearby. It’s amazing how much your daily interactions change when you’ve got a little life attached to you, and it can definitely be hard to relate to people who aren’t at this same stage of life, when it’s so easy to dominate all conversations with baby talk because that’s all you’ve got going on. Not having an outlet for that would be so challenging!

Sunday we had breakfast with my dad and Cyndy, where I got teased a little for eating alllll the breakfast food items. Whatever, I’m breastfeeding! Bring on the eggs and scones and pancakes and bacon!! 🙂 We had a poopsplosion on the way to meet great-grandma Dorothy, and changed clothes in the back of my dad’s SUV. After a good (but short) visit with Grandma, Jean, and Ron, we were on the road again for Portland!

These were some VERY busy weeks and weekends for us. After this one, we made no plans for a few weeks to take some time at home to recharge and snuggle!!


Dear Maise,

You’re just waking up from your first morning nap, and I’m sitting in bed writing this from my phone. The rest will have to wait until after we both have full tummy’s!

…Alright sweet girl. Mama’s gonna multitask! You’re happily eating at the moment. Have I said recently how glad I am that we put in so much effort to develop a good breastfeeding relationship? Man, it was a lot of hard work. In fact I think it was around this time that the pain of nursing finally subsided and I didn’t cringe in the shower or when you had a bad latch in the middle of the night. Sharing this bond with you is so worth it!! 

Your second month was super fun, and super busy. You were adaptable and charming and patient with us, though bedtime is no joke – we do not mess with bedtime! When Maise is ready for bed, we better be ready for her to go to bed. Otherwise we all suffer all night long!! Though you slept so well at Grandma and Bumpa’s house, I tried to figure out how to extend that magic!

As always, you won over everyone you met and made those who already knew you fall more in love each day. Your face is changing and you are so expressive, we can’t wait to see what the next month brings!!!

You’re the best thing I’ve ever done. The rain is back, but you’re pretty sunny, sweet girl. I love you. I love you. I love you.




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