Life With Maise: Oh Happy Day (Week 7)

We got home from our trip to Kala Point, and Sam had Monday off (!!) We hung out around the house in the morning, and then Papa and Renee came to town to meet sweet Maise! We spent some time with them Monday afternoon before we went to …sniff, sniff… our LAST EVER midwife appointment, and our only post-partum visit with Megan, our midwife who delivered Maise. We had a family date before hand (dinner at the Fulton Pub), and then a good long visit with Megan. Maise of course charmed everyone, as she always does. Our last appointment was bittersweet – so fun to see Megan and chat about how things are going, a little sad to know we wouldn’t have these regular check-in’s anymore!! Maise and I will be visiting one of her childbirth education classes coming up to share our birth story, so at least we know there’s a visit in the future 🙂

Tuesday, Maise and I spent the morning with Papa and Renee, sharing snuggles and talking. We went to baby and me in the afternoon, then we all went out for dinner at PF Chang’s (YUM!) It was so nice to see Papa and Renee and have them meet and be as mesmerized by Maise as we are! She loved talking to Papa, standing on his lap, and staring at each other!

Wednesday was Sam’s 29th birthday. Maise and I surprised Sam at work for lunch, which was just about our only special thing we did for the day. Turns out, turning 29 with a newborn isn’t the most exciting thing that ever happened. For his birthday evening, we spent it at Costco – one place I’m still not willing to brave by myself with this girl!

At the end of the week, we went to a wake for a friend of Maggie and Wayne’s who passed away, then had dinner with the Daniel’s at Hopworks. Holy cow, talk about family friendly – I think there were more kids in this place than adults!! Maise got passed around to everyone at the table, and it was the first time I felt really protective – I was down at one end, and Maise just kept going from person to person. Now, this is a group of people who I love and trust whole heartedly, and would never worry about any of them individually with Maise. But, after about 20 minutes of this I asked Sam to please get Maise back so I could hold her a minute. It felt like a physical part of me was being passed around like a sack of flour. I’m sure this feeling will ease, but it was so hard at the time!!

At this point we were definitely feeling like Maise had been a member of our little family forever – even if getting the Boba wrap tied in the rain in the Edgefield parking lot was a little tricky. 🙂


Dear Maise,

Right now you’re snoozin’ – we had a busy day, and you sort of refused your normal afternoon nap – only about 20 minutes, then bright eyed! We went out for dinner and you were falling asleep as we were getting ready to leave. Daddy climbed in the back seat to keep you awake on the way home, so that we could get you in bed without much resistance. It worked! At one point, we were both singing “down by the bay” which dissolved into a fit of giggles s we made up verse after verse.

Maise – last night you let daddy put you to bed and you slept from 7am until 4am – through the night, sweet heart!! You’ll never understand this until you have kids of your own, but that 6 hour stretch that I got as a result had me feeling like a Disney princess this morning – singing to the birds and woodland creatures. I think I could probably facilitate world peace with this much sleep!! 🙂 Daddy brought you into bed with us around 6:30 and you went right back to sleep again. Tonight I put you to bed and I am SERIOUSLY hoping we repeat last night’s lovely surprise!!

I loved seeing you with Papa, and I know it meant a lot to him to spend some special one on one time with you. I can’t wait to see what your first Papa lecture is about!!

You’re my favorite person, Maise, and even when its shining outside you’re still my sunshine. I love you. I love you. I love you.




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