Life With Maise: Stand Up! (Week 6)

We took a trip to Kala Point that weekend, and surprised my dad. We knew they were going to be there, and we’d been trying to find a weekend to get together since Maise was only a couple of weeks old. However, I did not want to brave a 4 hour each way car ride at this time, and repeatedly said so. Sam kept telling me it would be fun, and we should go. I was not convinced.

Eventually he won out, and we decided to go. Since it was a last minute decision, and if Maise lost her sh^t on the way out of Portland, I didn’t want to tell my dad, so he wouldn’t be disappointed if we didn’t show up. We decided to leave after work on Friday, around Maise’s bedtime, and just cross our fingers that she’d sleep as much as possible. Wouldn’t you know, our little babe fell asleep as we were going through downtown Portland, and didn’t stir until we pulled into the parking space a little after 11pm.

We had a great weekend. On Saturday morning, we got up and shared some Maise snuggles, then went out for breakfast. We wandered through downtown PT for a few hours, shopping and meandering and people watching at a very unique coffee shop. Proud breastfeeding moment; I nursed Maise in a beautiful coastal home store, sitting in a several-thousand dollar chair in front of a fireplace 🙂 In a carrier! I am momma, hear me roar. We spent the afternoon and evening catching up, playing cards, and eating take out seafood. On Sunday we had breakfast at the airport down the street, and then went through the air museum before some final snuggles and the car ride home. She slept almost the whole way home, too!


Dear Maise,

I just put you down (again). You keep getting really tired about an hour before our normal ‘bedtime’, so we rush through bedtime routine, you fall asleep… and wake up 45 minutes later like you were just taking a nap. I love you a lot little girl, but I’d prefer you sleep in longer chunks! Daddy put you to bed last night and you snoozed like a champ for him!

Calling Week 6 “Stand Up” week is pretty accurate. Not only did you rarely like to be sitting down anymore while we held you, you’d also really like to stand up yourself! You have definitely started developing opinions about what we do – up until this point you were pretty happy doing whatever we put you in front of. You loved to lie on your back and just talk to us, something you still like to do now! You also loved tummy time on your blow up ball, especially if we put a mirror in front of you (or my phone!). We rolled around all over the place!!

I love watching you learn. You’re still the sunshine, Mais. I love you. I love you. I love you.




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