Life With Maise: Please Sleep (Week 5)

We had a nice quiet weekend that weekend (a rarity in these times!) I’m sure it rained, but I honestly don’t remember.

In week 5 Maise officially turned one month old (well, February only has 28 days so we celebrated then). We’re getting the hang of this thing, and man is she a cutie.Maise 1 Month.JPG

We had a minor photo shoot to get a picture of Maise with her Jellycat bunny (so soft, thanks Katy!). She screamed for the first few minutes – and yes, I’m that mom who took 37 (okay, 9) pictures before picking her up because come on. she’s adorable.


We then got up, took a little break, and went back when she was snoozing. Better light, plus an adorably wiggly (but relatively sound) snoozer. WIN.




Tuesday was a busy day this week! Maise had a doctor appointment and a Midwife appointment, plus baby and me. Maggie came with me to the doctor, and we went out for breakfast afterward. Maise was a champ at the doctor, and snoozed through breakfast. We went home for a quick minute, then to baby and me, which is right across the street from the birth center so we were out all afternoon. This was our last appointment with one of our midwives, Tracy, who we had spent quite a bit of time with. It was a little bit sad!

On Wednesday Maise had her first trip to Grandma Maggie & Grandpa Wayne’s house for dinner. Micah and Jenn stopped by to meet Maise as well, and it was a fun night!

I’m trying to remember what we did the rest of that week, but I’m pretty sure after our super busy Tuesday and Wednesday, Maise fought sleep for the next three days so… I got nothin’.


Dear Maise,

I’m writing this after you’ve gone to bed for the night – in your own room for the first time (ack!). Full disclosure, I’m sure you’ll be back in our room before the night is over, unless of course you sleep all the way through! I’m crossing my fingers.

Sorry I don’t remember much about your fifth week of life, though it makes me feel a little better to know you don’t, either 😛 You did enjoy your trip to grandma and grandpa’s, and you snoozed like an angel those couple of hours!

The day I’m writing this, I officially only have 3 weeks of leave left. I’m excited for the next phase (a little), but feeling so anxious about leaving you! Not because I’m worried about you hanging with your dad (I’m so excited for that actually!!), but because I’m really going to miss our days together. Today it was beautifully sunny outside and we went for TWO walks.

Looking back on these “old” photos and calendar appointments, I can’t help but be in awe of how quickly you change and how much I will always cherish this time we’ve had just the two of us.

I’ll blog about week nine later, but today you had a whole conversation with me. This is something we’ve been doing every day for the last week or so, but today you were adamant about something, though I’m not sure what and you had fun exploring new sounds you’ve never made before. You love laying under the little jungle gym thingy and staring at the sensory butterfly we borrowed from Theo. You also love looking in the mirror – you always smile at yourself, then lose interest and we’re back to the daily ‘holy crap, I still have feet!?’. You are drooling EVERYWHERE. While you still wake up a lot, you’re getting very good at bedtime – a girl after my own heart.

Today I cried because you’re always here and because I never want you to be anywhere else. I don’t know how else to explain it. Being your mom is the most amazing thing I’ve ever done, and sharing you takes a lot out of me. It may be a beautiful spring day, but you’re still the sunshine, Mais. I love you. I love you. I love you.








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