Life With Maise: Get Me Outta Here (Week 4)

By this time, we’re getting a little stir crazy with all the rain in Portland, being cooped up in the house all day every day. The week started with President’s Day weekend, so Sam’s cousin was in town and they came over to meet Maise. Sunday night, Maise had her first meal out of the house – an always exciting trip to Mcmenamins for dinner with grandma and grandpa. Maise was happy as a clam the whole time, even snoozing in her car seat for a little while so we could all eat. That’s when we figured out the loud, busy restaurants are pretty much the best place to take her – it puts her right to sleep!



We also started going to Baby & Me this week – a local new parent’s group at the hospital; mostly mom’s and littles all under 6 months old. I wasn’t totally sure after the first visit if I would continue going, but I still haven’t missed a week – it’s an awesome way to get out of the house for a few hours each week, Maise can do whatever she wants, and it’s a group of people who are at the same place as us so we can share tips and tricks for sleep, eating, play, etc. It’s been a really fun group!

Maise also took her first trip to the mall – Katy and Charles were coming for the weekend (!!!! YAY!) and Maise needed an outfit for photos. I asked Marissa to join me for moral support (plus the mall is always more fun with a friend :-P) and off we went! Again, Maise was a perfect angel who snoozed the whole time we were at the mall.

Over the weekend, Katy and Charles were here! Maise had another trip out of the house for dinner and her first ever round of family photos.

Sometimes it’s hard sharing Maise with people, but seeing her win people over with her cute smiles and sweet stares is always fun!

I love this silly family photo – Maise is making some weird face, Sam and I are trying to keep from laughing, and Mandy is completely unimpressed with the whole thing. Very typical look for our house those days!


(photo by Katy –


Dear Maise,

It’s your two month birthday today!! Right now you’re snoozing, as usual when I’m writing about you. You’ve been on a bit of a sleep strike for the last few days but I’m hoping we’re well on our way back to nice long nighttime snoozes. You were so cute when we did pictures with Katy – the whole time you never smiled once, but you were pretty calm for the most part and made all kinds of cute faces – typical Maise at that time of your life! Now you’re much quicker to smile and I often find that you stare directly at my camera, which distracts you from your smiles, which is why I got the camera out in the first place!!

I loved (and still love) taking you to baby and me. You like to look at all the other babies, play with some toys, and have your best tummy times there (probably because of all the distractions!) That first week everyone learned you were late and born out of the hospital, but you slept through the entire meeting. Several people came up to me at the end of the class to say how sweet and adorable you were. I know this is embarrassing, but you also had an enormous poo blowout on our way home – it was only a 10 minute car ride, but it’s the only massive blowout we’ve ever had (knock on wood!). It’s pretty crazy how much conversation circles around poop when you have a newborn.

You also love meeting new people and staring them down, and the older you get the more I love that you’ve got a special kind of snuggle that’s reserved just for mama.

You’re still the sunshine, Maise. I love you. I love you. I love you.




(photo by Katy –


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