annnnd we’re back

And you thought I was gone for good. To be honest, it’s been a pretty crazy busy few weeks around my house, and it turns out, sitting in front of a computer all day at work makes it hard to come home and get on my computer to write a blog post. And if it’s a chore, then who wants to read that crap anyway.

Anyway, so here I am! Still alive. 🙂 If it’s alright with you, I’m going to go backwards in time just a little bit, because I was actually DOING some stuff while I wasn’t blogging, and maybe someday I’ll think “what was I doing when the government shut down in 2013?” (besides lamenting about how they are all too highly paid to make our whole nation look so stupid) or “remember that one weekend when Max came to stay?” or “how about that time when all those cool things happened!”

A couple of weeks ago, some cool things happened.

Cool thing #1: Sam was offered an awesome new job which…

Cool thing #2: …Allows him to move back to a normal life, Monday-Friday work schedule (!!) It was about a week later when we were thinking about what we’d do with all these weekends together when we realized… we’ve never really been one of those all-day every-weekend couples. As in, one of us has always been working or in class or doing SOMETHING that means we don’t have a real weekend together. IN SEVEN YEARS! Obviously there’s been the odd weekend here and there where the stars align and the retail PTO calendar Gods nodded in our favor, but seriously. What will we do with 48 work-free hours!? Just think of the home improvement projects we can think about doing while we watch TV complete every weekend!

note: this also means Saturday mornings that look like this are going to be few and far between. She’s going to be devastated:

ImageAnyway. Cool Thing #3: We got rid of BOTH of our old ugly couches (sorry dad! they weren’t that ugly…) that have been in the garage all summer – since I impulsively bought this beauty at Crate&Barrel:

couchOne Friday night I came to the door when I heard Sam talking to some pre-teens, who were asking him to trade a broom and a broken lamp for something Bigger & Better, in a youth group scavenger hunt. Sam was obviously confused about why they seemed to want something, but were respectful teenagers (albeit giggly and awkward) standing on our porch on a Friday night. I approached (while having flashbacks to junior high youth group and several Creation festival scavenger hunts started with a paperclip). “You know, we could give them a couch…but it’s heavy”

this statement was followed by about two minutes screaming and ‘ohmygosh yes give us a couch! give us a couch!’ while Sam slowly realized that this was an opportunity to get rid of one blasted couch, right that second.

So we opened the garage and let 8 gangly 13 year olds carry on with their scavenger under the weight of our extremely heavy sofa, excitedly laughing about how they were SO going to win. It was awesome and it made my night.

THEN we sold the other one on craigslist (I was beginning to think it couldn’t be done). End game, we now have two cars in the garage! 🙂

The cutest kid in town came to stay the night with us (and gramma and bumpa) that same weekend, but I could write a whole blog post about that, so I think I will. Tomorrow. or Thursday… I have to work late tomorrow. we’ll see. Anyway. I leave you with a preview:



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