You Doubted Me

Didn’t you? I disappeared for the weekend, didn’t post on Monday, and you were all “oh, there goes Sara. No more blog posts. Oh well, I’ll go back to pinteresting. She wasn’t very entertaining anyway.”

WELL THAT ALL MAY BE TRUE BUT I’M STILL HERE. It was just a very busy weekend, and we had friends over last night, and then I was exhausted so I went to bed instead of writing a blog post. I don’t even know what the prompt is for today, and I don’t care. because I have a WEEKEND to tell you about.

Friday night we did nothing too exciting to speak of – came home from work, took the dog to the in-laws for the weekend, and had a nice dinner and beers at a local restaurant with good food and an unfortunate name. Seriously.. who names a restaurant B.J. Willy’s? Despite the bad name, they have good food and Boneyard IPA on tap. Yes please. I could eat their french fries all day. They also have a dessert called COOKIZZA and it’s a giant cookie in a pizza pan, covered in ice cream and caramel and chocolate and sprinkles and marshmallows and whipped cream and probably 287342873 other things. I’ve only had it once, and it was probably two years ago, but HOLY COW. That thing is delicious. ALSO on Friday, Sam brought me these for no reason other than he kind of likes me. [insert adorable awwwww sound here] 🙂


Saturday, we woke up [relatively] early and headed for the beach! My mom, step-dad, sister, brother-in-law, and (love you all but) MOST IMPORTANTLY, my adorable nephew who turns two on Thursday. Seriously. Resist this kid, I dare you:



Ohhh I just love him so. Anyway, we went to the beach to hang out. It involved some beer drinking, some hanging out in the pool and hot tub, a car show, getting waaayyy farther into the ocean than I intended to in order to appease the little guy, watching some football, snuggling with Max, loving on Max, hanging out with Max, rolling out dough for stromboli with a giant bottle of Vodka as a rolling pin, cooking said stromboli, eating said stromboli (and had leftovers for lunch!),  going “ow-side ow-side!!!” to ooh and aah at at the cars and say “hi!” to everyone who walked by (seriously, have I mentioned how obsessed with this kid I am?) and taking this picture that will be in a frame on my desk SOON of Max and Uncle Sam getting ready to go splash in the waves:

ImageSUNDAY we came home. Lounged for approximately one hour. THEN. THENNNNNNNNN my husband gave me my anniversary present from a couple of weeks ago. You know, the one year is ‘Paper.’ I struggled with what to get Sam for quite some time, and after a couple of creative Pinterest searches with friends, I decided to get him a pinata and have it delivered to him at work. It was shaped like a treasure chest, and filled with all sorts of goofy stuff: peanut M&M’s (because we go together like peanuts and M&M’s, plus they’re your favorite!), a deck of cards (to help us count the ways I love you!), pistachios (because I’m nuts about you!), hubba bubba bubble gum (because hubba hubba, it’s our anniversary!), cheez-its (because this is a pretty ‘cheezy’ display of how much I love you!) and a couple of other little random gift cards so he could buy himself lunch. I was pretty proud of myself, until I got all the way done stuffing that crap into a pinata and realized I didn’t take a single picture of my creativity. DAMMIT. ANYWAY, he wins the anniversary present game (not that it’s a competition) because he bought me tickets to see Chicago in downtown Portland for Sunday night. If you know my husband, you know that this is a huge stretch of his comfort zone. Last time we went to live theater, he fell asleep. He knows how much I love musicals, and gives me flak about it on a regular basis. I was soooo excited, and, BONUS, I’ve never seen Chicago performed live before. DOUBLE BONUS, he enjoyed himself! We went for happy hour before hand, wandered downtown Portland on these waning days of summer time for a little while, and had super wonderful seats. GLORY HALLELUJAH, turns out even in marriage, fabulous date-night-out-on-the-town still exists 😉



(ps. I’m quite certain my hair didn’t look as bad as it does in this photo. Damn.)

YAY for a fun weekend! We’ve been out and about for the last like 6 weeks in a row, so I’m hoping for some good old fashioned down time coming up, complete with reading trashy novels cleaning my floors and catching up on The Newsroom the laundry.


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