The Great de-Beta: Part 1

I skipped blogging yesterday. I was exhausted and didn’t really feel like writing about that particular prompt. Today I’m skipping the prompt too. So… HA.

Instead I’m going to tell you a story. A story about Beta fish. In reality, this is a story about Charlie. Charlie was our first pet when we lived together; a beta fish I didn’t even want. It’s kind of a long story, so I’m going to tell you half now and half later. [it’s really not that interesting, but it still makes me laugh out loud when I think about it, so it seemed worthy of sharing on the blog.] I should also point out that Charlie isn’t even a part of Part 1.

The beta fish story actually goes all the way back to when Sam and I met, in the halls of a dorm on north campus at Western in 2006. Sam and his roommate decided to get betas, and put them in one of those tanks that has a divider wall so your betas don’t kill each other. [the picture below is far fancier than the actual version these two college Freshman boys had]


Sam’s roommate named his beta “Masta.” If you don’t get it, don’t think too hard about it. It’s wildly inappropriate (remember than an 18 year old boy was doing the naming here). Sam wasn’t sure what to name his fish. He came down to the second floor to get a second opinion. Obviously a wise choice, because Katy and I promptly named his fish Tulip (not one of the names in the running).

Tulip and Masta lived happily in their odd little arrangement for… not a very long time. Sam’s roommate liked to talk a big game about what a badass Masta was. “Oh, Masta would totally DOMINATE Tulip!,” “Tulip is such a girly fish!” “Masta is so much bigger than Tulip.” Obviously, based upon the swimming around in a teeny tank, you can tell how badass a fish is. And obviously, badass is a completely normal descriptor for a $4 fish in your dorm room. There was much debate about taking down the Great Beta Wall, mainly gross boys from 3rd floor vs.  girls from 2nd floor, you can imagine which side we were each on. Eventually, the Great Beta Wall came down (to this day I still am told that it ‘just fell down one day,’ not that these disgusting boys decided to fight their pet fish), and Tulip ate Masta. Just… ate him. nom nom nom.

Tulip took over all the prime real estate after that. As I write this I’m trying to remember how Tulip died… I think he got left in the dorm over Spring Break and needless to say, didn’t have a very good time.

From then on, Sam seemed convinced that Beta’s were a wonderful pet. He practically BEGGED for one after that (I was busy begging for a puppy). I should probably say here that I’ve always felt like fish are stupid pets. Needless to say, when Sam moved in with me, Charlie wasn’t far behind.

*to hear the story of Charlie (which is way better than the story of Masta and Tulip), come back tomorrow 🙂


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