25 to get to 26

Oohh, fun prompt!! I have to say, some of the prompts are awesome, and some of them suck. I might bail on the whole ‘prompt’ thing at some point and just write about whatever I feel like. Not sure why I feel the need to put that disclaimer out there, but there it is.

Today’s Prompt: 25 Things to do Before Your Next Birthday

(Thus the title, 25 to get to 26). Here we go. I should also mention that my birthday is next April. It’s on the 5th, if you feel like sending presents πŸ˜‰

  1. First of all, I should definitely stretch. Not just in the physical, ‘I just walked 5 miles with my friend’ way (which is certainly true and should definitely happen), but I should stretch myself, and my boundaries, and my capabilities. And my hamstrings.
  2. Have a housewarming party. That’s acceptable as long as it’s within the first year, right?
  3. Lose a little weight. Feel better about myself because of it. Not a lot… but enough to feel good in my skin every day.
  4. Embrace the bad days. This is hard. Today I was a little crabby when I came home, and Mandy was just so damn happy and excited to see me. You know what I did? Got frustrated and sent her into the backyard. Not cool Sara! Get on the floor and snuggle with her. Soon you’ll be so damn happy and excited to see her too.
  5. Get an iPad. Because DUH, and it’s 2013.
  6. Hang out with my husband more. I would say ‘go camping’ but it’s already September and my birthday is in April… at this point, the closest to camping we’re getting is…
  7. GO TO THE CABIN. Again, because duh. My family has a wicked awesome cabin in the mountains, and it’s seriously one of my happy places. Living in Portland it can be hard to get up there; it’s a long haul. Fun fact: Sam got his first and only ticket in life on the way to the cabin, on an impromptu trip that I kind of demanded, and also… had definitely just told him the speed limit was 50. Turns out it was 35. WHOOPS.
  8. KILL ALL THE SPIDERS. Seriously, why do they think it’s okay to be in my house!??!
  9. Get at least one room in my house ‘together.’ You know, it’s the whole first house thing, so we have some of our own stuff, some hand-me-downs, some shit that doesn’t go together. I just want one room to look beautiful all the time. Why is it again that money doesn’t grow on trees?
  10. Road trip. Specifically, I’d love to head down 101 and see the gorgeous Oregon coast in all her glory, ride into Cali and get a look at them big ol’ Redwoods.
  11. Take pictures with Katy. Obviously. Of what you say? Don’t care. Doesn’t matter. You’re missing the point.
  12. Get some art on the walls in my house. Some pictures, some of my grandma’s art (mom: I want some of the street of dreams renderings. please?)
  13. Join a choir or a community theater.
  14. Spend more time with the important people.
  15. Spend less time with those that suck the life out of me, or find a way to not let them get to me so much.
  16. Find good music. Listen to it. Learn from it. Live in it.
  17. Sleep on clean sheets all the time. Obviously every night is pushing it. But man… I love clean sheets. (They’re in the dryer right now so, on my mind)
  18. Eat at Montage! We haven’t been in a while. Seems like something we should do.
  19. Find the Portland Cidery. yum yum yum
  20. Convince Tammy to come see me. Convince other people to come see me too, but I want some Tammy in my house.
  21. Save lots of grands and feel good about fiscal responsibility.
  22. Buy myself a nice thing that I really want. Item TBD. Might be a plane ticket to…somewhere.
  23. Enjoy life as it comes.
  24. I once read a thing about doing 25 random acts of kindness to celebrate 25 years. I like the sounds of that. You know… give someone a dollar. Send someone a letter in the mail. Buy coffee for the guy behind me in line. Bake some cookies and give them to someone who needs them more than me. That kind of thing. Ideas for me of what I could do?
  25. In general: get your shit together, Sara.

So far, 25 is pretty great, and I’m excited for 26 too! πŸ™‚


4 thoughts on “25 to get to 26

  1. Why is winning the lotto not on this list? We’ve been talking about it! And #14 is about me, isn’t it? πŸ˜‰ you’re so sweet, I love you back!

    • I actually thought about it…. but I decided I should only put attainable things on the list. Obviously, killing all the spiders is TOTALLY attainable. πŸ™‚ ❀ you Heidi Fay!! πŸ™‚

  2. Yeah, followed Sam’s example in #7 on the way back to the cabin from Crystal on Sunday. That dang 35mph on a downhill where you have to ride your brakes all the time is ridiculous when its not snowing! It was my second speeding ticket though (not bad for 38 years of driving). At least the cop was “nice” and dropped it from 52 to 45. Sighhhh……

    • UGH!!!!!!! Sam’s was an area where the speed limit was 50 my WHOLE LIFE (coming into Buckley on 410) and I was all, “no, it’s definitely 50” and he was all “then why is there a cop behind me with his lights on” and HONESTLY I responded with “he must have gotten a call, just let him go around!” Famous last words. I got a ticket on my way home from the cabin once too. You would think we’d all learn. 😦

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