And So It Goes

Well hello blogland!! It’s nice to see you here on Tuesday 🙂

Today’s Prompt: Your Day In Detail

Well, alright. My alarm went off at 4:42. I snoozed it three times only once. Once I got to work I qualified orders, opened requisitions, responded to email, babysat worked with managers and employees, and then…………fggkjfhjnrhfgifvhugdj Sorry. I just fell asleep talking about how seriously boring my day was.

I’d rather talk about my weekend. It was Labor Day, after all, and I went on a little solo road trip adventure to my home town (Sam had to work so I went alone. He lived the bachelor life with our insane dog all weekend) Sounds WAY more interesting, right!?

We can skip Friday night all together. It involved lots of driving driving driving followed by delicious dinner my mom made and a trip to Fred Meyer. Typical.

Saturday, I decided to hack off all my hair. Now it’s short and cute and took only three minutes to blow dry yesterday. WIN. After hacking off all my hair, the day got REALLY good. I went to meet a baby. Not just ANY baby, but my cousin’s very FIRST and very NEW baby, and he’s real cute. Proof:


He fell asleep on me for approximately two hours. To be fair, first he pooped on me, and I made my cousin change him. THEN he slept on me for approximately two blissful hours. Having a baby sleeping on you is like having a personal heater that does that adorable brand new baby shudder-breath every twenty minutes or so (anyone? anyone? it’s like my favorite thing) and makes cute little faces and snuggles in a little tighter when he almost gets woken up by his uncle poking him in the butt.

(I’d like to take this moment to preemptively say that yes, I love babies; no, I do not have any; and ‘when are we having babies’ is none of your damn business, but it’s not anytime soon. Unless maybe we win the lotto this week. 🙂 )

Sunday, I spent some time in the morning with my Papa and his wife, Renee. Papa likes to complain that I never tell him what’s going on in my life and never call him, and I constantly back that up with “it’s weird, I’m pretty sure your phone has these magic buttons that make it call me, too…” (I can only freely write these things because I’m sure it won’t be long before he reads them. Hi Papa!) All this being said, it was nice to spend a couple of hours catching up. I only got one half of a Papa lecture, which is really saying something. Most of my family/siblings/friends know what a Papa lecture is, and we give him a lot of flack for them. Not surprisingly, my mom is getting pretty good at giving them too. I will not be afraid.

After a nice long Papa visit, I headed north to Seattle and went to Bumbershoot with my very best friend in the world.

photo 3

Somehow I lived in (never in, but nearby and around) Seattle for most of my life, and have never been to Bumbershoot. There were all sorts of cool bands we wanted to see. Tegan and Sara and Fun were playing in the Key starting at 3:30. We got there at 2:45 and there were supposedly 20,000+ in front of us in line. Uh oh. Decision time. Wait in line on a beautiful day and maybe get into the cool concert? Or… perhaps plop down in the beer garden overlooking one of the other many stages and eat some pizza, potentially a deep fried PB&J, drink some overpriced beer, and chat and catch up and hang out and laugh a lot, and laugh at the way other people laugh (followed by uncontrollable laughter and the cycle repeats), and play “Your Team” and “That’s going to be at my wedding/funeral” all afternoon. We obviously chose the beer garden.

photo 2

Here’s the thing about my best friend. She’s crazy. I’m crazy. We don’t live in the same place, but we live close enough to make it happen for a weekend. We’re perfectly happy hanging out in the beer garden or maybe sitting on the couch the next morning watching The Mindy Project in our jams eating blueberries. Our lives are in very different places, but it just doesn’t freaking matter. We love each other and can talk about pretty much anything (or nothing) and have a great time all the time. It was really, really wonderful to spend some time with her last weekend.

Monday, maybe we watched The Mindy Project in our jams eating blueberries. Maybe then we had hashbrowns from McDonald’s, thus reversing the super-foodiness effects of the blueberries. Didn’t care, they were delicious. Then there was driving driving driving, delicious dinner with my in-laws, home for an episode of Game of Thrones (some things never change, at least until we catch up to current), and bed. And here we are!

Detailed enough?


3 thoughts on “And So It Goes

  1. Sounds like a fun weekend! And I loved the baby disclaimer, made me laugh! 🙂 and also…. I agree about how wonderful it is to have a baby sleep on you!

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