Day Two: On A Roll

Woo!!! Two days in a row. Look at me go. Today’s prompt is: something you’re excited about in the next 12 months.

*AHEM* We interrupt this blog post for a very important announcement. This very day is my lovely father’s birthday. My dad is basically the coolest guy on the planet, and everyone I know agrees with me. He throws the best parties and gives the best hugs and makes the strongest drinks in history (all true). We always have fun together even if we’re sitting on my couch watching season one of Smash drinking champagne at 8am on my birthday (that also happened). HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD, I LOVE YOU!!!


Alright. Back to your regularly scheduled programming. Today’s prompt is: something you’re excited about in the next 12 months.

There’s a lot to be excited about in the next twelve months, if you look at life the right way! 🙂

First, I’m excited for my little brother to graduate from boot camp. He left about three weeks ago for basic training for the Air Force. He’s weighing heavy on my mind and I’m so proud of him. Unfortunately I can’t go to see his graduation, but I’m excited all the same.

Second, I’m excited to decorate our house for Christmas. I’ve never had my very own house, and we have a great bay window in our living room that will be perfect for a Christmas tree. I’m hoping I can convince my family that they should all come here for the holidays this year, because there’s no way we’re spending our first Christmas in our house not actually in our house.

Third, I’m excited for next spring to come. I could do without winter, and all that rain and slush and waking up in the dark and coming home from work in the dark. Spring and summer make up for it, and I’m already excited for it.

Fourth, my oldest friend is getting married next summer, and I’m excited for that too!


I’m sure lots more exciting things will happen between now and then… but for the moment, that’s what I got. 🙂



3 thoughts on “Day Two: On A Roll

  1. That window is soooo perfect for a big Christmas tree! I hope your plan works and you get to spend Christmas there with all if your family! ❤

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