The Return.

Yeah, yeah. I have a problem. I’m all “no, I’m coming back I swear!” and then three days later, I disappear for a year. And then a year later, I’m all “hey yo, blog it up!” and no one believes me and I don’t blame you. But alas, I’m back, to give this ol’ thing another go. I’ve been thinking about it a little [a lot] for a while [for a week or so] and then today came upon this link on Pinterest for National Bloggers Month or something like that. In short, it gives you a prompt for every day of September. If I can’t write when I’m given a prompt… then I have no one to blame but myself.

SO. Tonight, on a completely random whim started by me thinking a little [a lot] about the blog for a while [for the last week or so], while my husband fights with our xbox just trying to get Game of Thrones to play on HBOgo, I thought I’d write the blog post for September 1.

Prompt: Basic Things About Yourself

I’m going to try to give you TWENTY random things about my self. Some basic, some not. The beauty of that is, this is a draft… so if I can only get thru 10, all I have to do is come edit my post πŸ™‚ AND, if you don’t care to read all 20, you can spot-check and I’ll never know the difference. Here we go!

  1. I have a problem with follow-through. While I find that this isn’t true in most aspects of my life [I’m a wonderful follow-througher], it seemed pertinent to bring up on day one, number one of this particular blog post. If you’re not sure why… then God bless you for being new to the blog. Don’t pay attention to the dates on those old posts.
  2. I’m 25 years old, and it’s a rare day when I actually act my age. People regularly think I’m older than my oldest siblings. Growing up, I was more comfortable hanging out upstairs with the grownups than in the basement with my cousins and brother playing pool.
  3. I’ve been married for one year and two days. We’ve been together for 6 years in November. He’s the love of my life
  4. We have a 5 year old 4-legged child. Her name is Mandy and on Instagram you can find ridiculous photos of her under the hashtag #lunaticmandy
  5. My favorite color is purple.
  6. I have a tattoo on top of my right foot of a treble clef. I got it when I was 18 and just about to go off to college. I backed my mom’s brand new car into a broken post in the parking lot of the tattoo parlor and cried the entire time. When I got home, my little brother told me that someday when I don’t love music anymore, I should just turn it into a tiger. Someday, buddy…
  7. I’ve lived under 7 different roofs (is that really a word?) in my lifetime. 16andahalf ish were in the same house my mom lives in today.
  8. I miss singing and performing every day but don’t have the courage to join a choir without a friend…nevermind that I’m fully aware joining said choir is a great way toΒ make a friend. And you thought I was an extrovert…
  9. My husband just won the battle with the xbox. Now I remember that I don’t really like Game of Thrones and would much rather watch The Newsroom.
  10. I was in a unicycle club in elementary school. My very own unicycle is somewhere in my mom’s garage. It was also a juggling club, and once while I was practicing juggling (I was never any good and I’m going to guess this was 3rd grade-ish) I dropped a juggling cube. A classmate rode over it with her unicycle, fell off, and broke her arm. I still feel a little guilty.
  11. Sometimes, I make myself laugh really hard. I guess I just think I’m funny πŸ™‚ (you don’t have to)
  12. In college I earned a degree in Communication. Turns out, I use it every day at work. WHO KNEW.
  13. When life gets to be too much, I prefer to retreat to under my covers and not come out at all until I’ve had at least one good long cry and read one trash book.
  14. I talk to my mom pretty much every morning on my way to work. She’s the best.
  15. I work in an environment that is predominantly male. On my first day in my current role, my boss and I were walking ‘the floor’ and I overheard someone say, “That’s the new girl. She doesn’t take shit from anybody.” My instant response was to shout out “That’s right! And never forget it!”
  16. I was born at 10:37am. I think.
  17. Sunroof open, music loud, sunglasses on – it’s a recipe for instant happiness.
  18. I’m left handed
  19. I need to play piano more or I’m going to forget how, and I never never never want to do that. Good thing my piano lives at my house now. πŸ™‚
  20. TWENTY!!!! Go me. Oh, that’s not a thing… er… sometimes I cheer myself on!!! πŸ™‚

Tomorrow! I’ll be back. ❀



8 thoughts on “The Return.

  1. #10 made me laugh and could be a great short! And Newsroom is fantastic (but I know nothing about Game of Thrones)
    I love your blog, hope your follow through comes through! ❀

  2. HAHAH, Well, I left the comment above from a work WordPress. Now you have two from me because I couldn’t figure out how to delete that one.

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