You Doubted Me

Didn’t you? I disappeared for the weekend, didn’t post on Monday, and you were all “oh, there goes Sara. No more blog posts. Oh well, I’ll go back to pinteresting. She wasn’t very entertaining anyway.”

WELL THAT ALL MAY BE TRUE BUT I’M STILL HERE. It was just a very busy weekend, and we had friends over last night, and then I was exhausted so I went to bed instead of writing a blog post. I don’t even know what the prompt is for today, and I don’t care. because I have a WEEKEND to tell you about.

Friday night we did nothing too exciting to speak of – came home from work, took the dog to the in-laws for the weekend, and had a nice dinner and beers at a local restaurant with good food and an unfortunate name. Seriously.. who names a restaurant B.J. Willy’s? Despite the bad name, they have good food and Boneyard IPA on tap. Yes please. I could eat their french fries all day. They also have a dessert called COOKIZZA and it’s a giant cookie in a pizza pan, covered in ice cream and caramel and chocolate and sprinkles and marshmallows and whipped cream and probably 287342873 other things. I’ve only had it once, and it was probably two years ago, but HOLY COW. That thing is delicious. ALSO on Friday, Sam brought me these for no reason other than he kind of likes me. [insert adorable awwwww sound here] 🙂


Saturday, we woke up [relatively] early and headed for the beach! My mom, step-dad, sister, brother-in-law, and (love you all but) MOST IMPORTANTLY, my adorable nephew who turns two on Thursday. Seriously. Resist this kid, I dare you:



Ohhh I just love him so. Anyway, we went to the beach to hang out. It involved some beer drinking, some hanging out in the pool and hot tub, a car show, getting waaayyy farther into the ocean than I intended to in order to appease the little guy, watching some football, snuggling with Max, loving on Max, hanging out with Max, rolling out dough for stromboli with a giant bottle of Vodka as a rolling pin, cooking said stromboli, eating said stromboli (and had leftovers for lunch!),  going “ow-side ow-side!!!” to ooh and aah at at the cars and say “hi!” to everyone who walked by (seriously, have I mentioned how obsessed with this kid I am?) and taking this picture that will be in a frame on my desk SOON of Max and Uncle Sam getting ready to go splash in the waves:

ImageSUNDAY we came home. Lounged for approximately one hour. THEN. THENNNNNNNNN my husband gave me my anniversary present from a couple of weeks ago. You know, the one year is ‘Paper.’ I struggled with what to get Sam for quite some time, and after a couple of creative Pinterest searches with friends, I decided to get him a pinata and have it delivered to him at work. It was shaped like a treasure chest, and filled with all sorts of goofy stuff: peanut M&M’s (because we go together like peanuts and M&M’s, plus they’re your favorite!), a deck of cards (to help us count the ways I love you!), pistachios (because I’m nuts about you!), hubba bubba bubble gum (because hubba hubba, it’s our anniversary!), cheez-its (because this is a pretty ‘cheezy’ display of how much I love you!) and a couple of other little random gift cards so he could buy himself lunch. I was pretty proud of myself, until I got all the way done stuffing that crap into a pinata and realized I didn’t take a single picture of my creativity. DAMMIT. ANYWAY, he wins the anniversary present game (not that it’s a competition) because he bought me tickets to see Chicago in downtown Portland for Sunday night. If you know my husband, you know that this is a huge stretch of his comfort zone. Last time we went to live theater, he fell asleep. He knows how much I love musicals, and gives me flak about it on a regular basis. I was soooo excited, and, BONUS, I’ve never seen Chicago performed live before. DOUBLE BONUS, he enjoyed himself! We went for happy hour before hand, wandered downtown Portland on these waning days of summer time for a little while, and had super wonderful seats. GLORY HALLELUJAH, turns out even in marriage, fabulous date-night-out-on-the-town still exists 😉



(ps. I’m quite certain my hair didn’t look as bad as it does in this photo. Damn.)

YAY for a fun weekend! We’ve been out and about for the last like 6 weeks in a row, so I’m hoping for some good old fashioned down time coming up, complete with reading trashy novels cleaning my floors and catching up on The Newsroom the laundry.


The Great de-Beta: Conclusion

*haven’t read Part 1? scroll down or click here!

So, Sam moved in and NEEDED a beta fish. BADLY. One day I came home from class (or maybe from work at the craft shop, I honestly don’t remember) and there he was, on top of our little wall between the living room and kitchen: a blue and red beta fish, in a cute little glass vase/tank.

(the below picture is stolen from google and not actually a picture of Charlie)blue-and-red-betta-fish

Charlie wasn’t the most interesting of pets. Where most beta’s will puff up if you hold a mirror next to their tank, Charlie was fully uninterested. Charlie would sometimes lay on the rocks on the bottom of the tank like he was dead, and then you’d tap on the tank to make sure he wasn’t actually dead. Sure enough, he’d wake up and swim around. Charlie did one interesting thing: if we put fish food on the end of a toothpick and hovered it juuuust above the water, he’d get it. That’s it. Seriously. He just didn’t seem to love life very much, no matter how much we tried to give him a good home.

One day, Sam and I were laying in bed watching TV [er….laying in our respective beds in our separate bedrooms… HI PAPA!] and we heard this “SPLASH!” followed by what I can only describe as frantic flopping. Sam immediately jumped out of [his own] bed, and saved Charlie’s life by placing him gently (there was no throwing, I’m almost sure) back into water for him to suck in some fresh water through those gills. We thought maybe it was an accident, and he just got a little too rowdy in his usual frolicking (really?). About a week later, it happened again. SPLASH! flop flop flop flop. This time he was still on top of my dresser, and hadn’t actually made it to the carpet. Again, Sam jumped out of bed and put him back in his water.

At this point I feel it’s pertinent to point out that as lovable as Mandy is, if she had been around… Charlie would have been a goner the first time around. Pretty confident he’d be in her belly.

Anyway. After the second time around, we had to have a seriously serious discussion about the mental health of our $4 fish [okay, maybe he was $6]. What do we do? Obviously he’s jumping out because he can’t stand to be a part of our little family (ouch, Charlie!). So we decided to cover the top of the tank so he couldn’t jump. I believe our first topper was a 12×12 piece of cardstock (anyone surprised that I keep this around the house? If you are, we’re not friends 😉 )

The months went by. We moved Charlie back to the little half wall between our living room and kitchen and he seemed to perk up a little. There were no suicide attempts for quite some time. This little half-wall happens to separate between the couch on the living room side, and the kitchen sink on the other. One day, I was innocently doing dishes while Sam watched TV in the living room. I’m certain he was watching sports, but that’s not an important part of the story. So here I am, chatting away, cleaning out the sink after finishing the dishes, and SPLASH! Charlie jumped.

Right. Into. The. Sink.

Not just right into the sink. Into the sink and down the garbage disposal.

I reached for him. I tried to get his slippery little fishy scales in my fingers to return him to his rightful habitat.

I screamed. I yelled. I made Sam take care of it.

At this point Charlie’s been out of the tank for a minute or so and there is no way we’re getting him out of the drain. Sam looked at me. I looked at Sam. I went outside.

The garbage disposal turned on.

I came flying back inside, and Sam used the rational “quick and painless” versus “slow and suffocating” argument.

Charlie had met his end.

So YES, alright!? I’m a fish murderer. I’ve cleared my name. There was NOTHING I COULD DO. I’ve come to terms with my horrific past and I’ve said my Hail Mary’s and apologized to the fish gods a million times.

I’m begging you…Forgive me, please?

RIP Charlie.

The Great de-Beta: Part 1

I skipped blogging yesterday. I was exhausted and didn’t really feel like writing about that particular prompt. Today I’m skipping the prompt too. So… HA.

Instead I’m going to tell you a story. A story about Beta fish. In reality, this is a story about Charlie. Charlie was our first pet when we lived together; a beta fish I didn’t even want. It’s kind of a long story, so I’m going to tell you half now and half later. [it’s really not that interesting, but it still makes me laugh out loud when I think about it, so it seemed worthy of sharing on the blog.] I should also point out that Charlie isn’t even a part of Part 1.

The beta fish story actually goes all the way back to when Sam and I met, in the halls of a dorm on north campus at Western in 2006. Sam and his roommate decided to get betas, and put them in one of those tanks that has a divider wall so your betas don’t kill each other. [the picture below is far fancier than the actual version these two college Freshman boys had]


Sam’s roommate named his beta “Masta.” If you don’t get it, don’t think too hard about it. It’s wildly inappropriate (remember than an 18 year old boy was doing the naming here). Sam wasn’t sure what to name his fish. He came down to the second floor to get a second opinion. Obviously a wise choice, because Katy and I promptly named his fish Tulip (not one of the names in the running).

Tulip and Masta lived happily in their odd little arrangement for… not a very long time. Sam’s roommate liked to talk a big game about what a badass Masta was. “Oh, Masta would totally DOMINATE Tulip!,” “Tulip is such a girly fish!” “Masta is so much bigger than Tulip.” Obviously, based upon the swimming around in a teeny tank, you can tell how badass a fish is. And obviously, badass is a completely normal descriptor for a $4 fish in your dorm room. There was much debate about taking down the Great Beta Wall, mainly gross boys from 3rd floor vs.  girls from 2nd floor, you can imagine which side we were each on. Eventually, the Great Beta Wall came down (to this day I still am told that it ‘just fell down one day,’ not that these disgusting boys decided to fight their pet fish), and Tulip ate Masta. Just… ate him. nom nom nom.

Tulip took over all the prime real estate after that. As I write this I’m trying to remember how Tulip died… I think he got left in the dorm over Spring Break and needless to say, didn’t have a very good time.

From then on, Sam seemed convinced that Beta’s were a wonderful pet. He practically BEGGED for one after that (I was busy begging for a puppy). I should probably say here that I’ve always felt like fish are stupid pets. Needless to say, when Sam moved in with me, Charlie wasn’t far behind.

*to hear the story of Charlie (which is way better than the story of Masta and Tulip), come back tomorrow 🙂

25 to get to 26

Oohh, fun prompt!! I have to say, some of the prompts are awesome, and some of them suck. I might bail on the whole ‘prompt’ thing at some point and just write about whatever I feel like. Not sure why I feel the need to put that disclaimer out there, but there it is.

Today’s Prompt: 25 Things to do Before Your Next Birthday

(Thus the title, 25 to get to 26). Here we go. I should also mention that my birthday is next April. It’s on the 5th, if you feel like sending presents 😉

  1. First of all, I should definitely stretch. Not just in the physical, ‘I just walked 5 miles with my friend’ way (which is certainly true and should definitely happen), but I should stretch myself, and my boundaries, and my capabilities. And my hamstrings.
  2. Have a housewarming party. That’s acceptable as long as it’s within the first year, right?
  3. Lose a little weight. Feel better about myself because of it. Not a lot… but enough to feel good in my skin every day.
  4. Embrace the bad days. This is hard. Today I was a little crabby when I came home, and Mandy was just so damn happy and excited to see me. You know what I did? Got frustrated and sent her into the backyard. Not cool Sara! Get on the floor and snuggle with her. Soon you’ll be so damn happy and excited to see her too.
  5. Get an iPad. Because DUH, and it’s 2013.
  6. Hang out with my husband more. I would say ‘go camping’ but it’s already September and my birthday is in April… at this point, the closest to camping we’re getting is…
  7. GO TO THE CABIN. Again, because duh. My family has a wicked awesome cabin in the mountains, and it’s seriously one of my happy places. Living in Portland it can be hard to get up there; it’s a long haul. Fun fact: Sam got his first and only ticket in life on the way to the cabin, on an impromptu trip that I kind of demanded, and also… had definitely just told him the speed limit was 50. Turns out it was 35. WHOOPS.
  8. KILL ALL THE SPIDERS. Seriously, why do they think it’s okay to be in my house!??!
  9. Get at least one room in my house ‘together.’ You know, it’s the whole first house thing, so we have some of our own stuff, some hand-me-downs, some shit that doesn’t go together. I just want one room to look beautiful all the time. Why is it again that money doesn’t grow on trees?
  10. Road trip. Specifically, I’d love to head down 101 and see the gorgeous Oregon coast in all her glory, ride into Cali and get a look at them big ol’ Redwoods.
  11. Take pictures with Katy. Obviously. Of what you say? Don’t care. Doesn’t matter. You’re missing the point.
  12. Get some art on the walls in my house. Some pictures, some of my grandma’s art (mom: I want some of the street of dreams renderings. please?)
  13. Join a choir or a community theater.
  14. Spend more time with the important people.
  15. Spend less time with those that suck the life out of me, or find a way to not let them get to me so much.
  16. Find good music. Listen to it. Learn from it. Live in it.
  17. Sleep on clean sheets all the time. Obviously every night is pushing it. But man… I love clean sheets. (They’re in the dryer right now so, on my mind)
  18. Eat at Montage! We haven’t been in a while. Seems like something we should do.
  19. Find the Portland Cidery. yum yum yum
  20. Convince Tammy to come see me. Convince other people to come see me too, but I want some Tammy in my house.
  21. Save lots of grands and feel good about fiscal responsibility.
  22. Buy myself a nice thing that I really want. Item TBD. Might be a plane ticket to…somewhere.
  23. Enjoy life as it comes.
  24. I once read a thing about doing 25 random acts of kindness to celebrate 25 years. I like the sounds of that. You know… give someone a dollar. Send someone a letter in the mail. Buy coffee for the guy behind me in line. Bake some cookies and give them to someone who needs them more than me. That kind of thing. Ideas for me of what I could do?
  25. In general: get your shit together, Sara.

So far, 25 is pretty great, and I’m excited for 26 too! 🙂

And So It Goes

Well hello blogland!! It’s nice to see you here on Tuesday 🙂

Today’s Prompt: Your Day In Detail

Well, alright. My alarm went off at 4:42. I snoozed it three times only once. Once I got to work I qualified orders, opened requisitions, responded to email, babysat worked with managers and employees, and then…………fggkjfhjnrhfgifvhugdj Sorry. I just fell asleep talking about how seriously boring my day was.

I’d rather talk about my weekend. It was Labor Day, after all, and I went on a little solo road trip adventure to my home town (Sam had to work so I went alone. He lived the bachelor life with our insane dog all weekend) Sounds WAY more interesting, right!?

We can skip Friday night all together. It involved lots of driving driving driving followed by delicious dinner my mom made and a trip to Fred Meyer. Typical.

Saturday, I decided to hack off all my hair. Now it’s short and cute and took only three minutes to blow dry yesterday. WIN. After hacking off all my hair, the day got REALLY good. I went to meet a baby. Not just ANY baby, but my cousin’s very FIRST and very NEW baby, and he’s real cute. Proof:


He fell asleep on me for approximately two hours. To be fair, first he pooped on me, and I made my cousin change him. THEN he slept on me for approximately two blissful hours. Having a baby sleeping on you is like having a personal heater that does that adorable brand new baby shudder-breath every twenty minutes or so (anyone? anyone? it’s like my favorite thing) and makes cute little faces and snuggles in a little tighter when he almost gets woken up by his uncle poking him in the butt.

(I’d like to take this moment to preemptively say that yes, I love babies; no, I do not have any; and ‘when are we having babies’ is none of your damn business, but it’s not anytime soon. Unless maybe we win the lotto this week. 🙂 )

Sunday, I spent some time in the morning with my Papa and his wife, Renee. Papa likes to complain that I never tell him what’s going on in my life and never call him, and I constantly back that up with “it’s weird, I’m pretty sure your phone has these magic buttons that make it call me, too…” (I can only freely write these things because I’m sure it won’t be long before he reads them. Hi Papa!) All this being said, it was nice to spend a couple of hours catching up. I only got one half of a Papa lecture, which is really saying something. Most of my family/siblings/friends know what a Papa lecture is, and we give him a lot of flack for them. Not surprisingly, my mom is getting pretty good at giving them too. I will not be afraid.

After a nice long Papa visit, I headed north to Seattle and went to Bumbershoot with my very best friend in the world.

photo 3

Somehow I lived in (never in, but nearby and around) Seattle for most of my life, and have never been to Bumbershoot. There were all sorts of cool bands we wanted to see. Tegan and Sara and Fun were playing in the Key starting at 3:30. We got there at 2:45 and there were supposedly 20,000+ in front of us in line. Uh oh. Decision time. Wait in line on a beautiful day and maybe get into the cool concert? Or… perhaps plop down in the beer garden overlooking one of the other many stages and eat some pizza, potentially a deep fried PB&J, drink some overpriced beer, and chat and catch up and hang out and laugh a lot, and laugh at the way other people laugh (followed by uncontrollable laughter and the cycle repeats), and play “Your Team” and “That’s going to be at my wedding/funeral” all afternoon. We obviously chose the beer garden.

photo 2

Here’s the thing about my best friend. She’s crazy. I’m crazy. We don’t live in the same place, but we live close enough to make it happen for a weekend. We’re perfectly happy hanging out in the beer garden or maybe sitting on the couch the next morning watching The Mindy Project in our jams eating blueberries. Our lives are in very different places, but it just doesn’t freaking matter. We love each other and can talk about pretty much anything (or nothing) and have a great time all the time. It was really, really wonderful to spend some time with her last weekend.

Monday, maybe we watched The Mindy Project in our jams eating blueberries. Maybe then we had hashbrowns from McDonald’s, thus reversing the super-foodiness effects of the blueberries. Didn’t care, they were delicious. Then there was driving driving driving, delicious dinner with my in-laws, home for an episode of Game of Thrones (some things never change, at least until we catch up to current), and bed. And here we are!

Detailed enough?

Day Two: On A Roll

Woo!!! Two days in a row. Look at me go. Today’s prompt is: something you’re excited about in the next 12 months.

*AHEM* We interrupt this blog post for a very important announcement. This very day is my lovely father’s birthday. My dad is basically the coolest guy on the planet, and everyone I know agrees with me. He throws the best parties and gives the best hugs and makes the strongest drinks in history (all true). We always have fun together even if we’re sitting on my couch watching season one of Smash drinking champagne at 8am on my birthday (that also happened). HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD, I LOVE YOU!!!


Alright. Back to your regularly scheduled programming. Today’s prompt is: something you’re excited about in the next 12 months.

There’s a lot to be excited about in the next twelve months, if you look at life the right way! 🙂

First, I’m excited for my little brother to graduate from boot camp. He left about three weeks ago for basic training for the Air Force. He’s weighing heavy on my mind and I’m so proud of him. Unfortunately I can’t go to see his graduation, but I’m excited all the same.

Second, I’m excited to decorate our house for Christmas. I’ve never had my very own house, and we have a great bay window in our living room that will be perfect for a Christmas tree. I’m hoping I can convince my family that they should all come here for the holidays this year, because there’s no way we’re spending our first Christmas in our house not actually in our house.

Third, I’m excited for next spring to come. I could do without winter, and all that rain and slush and waking up in the dark and coming home from work in the dark. Spring and summer make up for it, and I’m already excited for it.

Fourth, my oldest friend is getting married next summer, and I’m excited for that too!


I’m sure lots more exciting things will happen between now and then… but for the moment, that’s what I got. 🙂


The Return.

Yeah, yeah. I have a problem. I’m all “no, I’m coming back I swear!” and then three days later, I disappear for a year. And then a year later, I’m all “hey yo, blog it up!” and no one believes me and I don’t blame you. But alas, I’m back, to give this ol’ thing another go. I’ve been thinking about it a little [a lot] for a while [for a week or so] and then today came upon this link on Pinterest for National Bloggers Month or something like that. In short, it gives you a prompt for every day of September. If I can’t write when I’m given a prompt… then I have no one to blame but myself.

SO. Tonight, on a completely random whim started by me thinking a little [a lot] about the blog for a while [for the last week or so], while my husband fights with our xbox just trying to get Game of Thrones to play on HBOgo, I thought I’d write the blog post for September 1.

Prompt: Basic Things About Yourself

I’m going to try to give you TWENTY random things about my self. Some basic, some not. The beauty of that is, this is a draft… so if I can only get thru 10, all I have to do is come edit my post 🙂 AND, if you don’t care to read all 20, you can spot-check and I’ll never know the difference. Here we go!

  1. I have a problem with follow-through. While I find that this isn’t true in most aspects of my life [I’m a wonderful follow-througher], it seemed pertinent to bring up on day one, number one of this particular blog post. If you’re not sure why… then God bless you for being new to the blog. Don’t pay attention to the dates on those old posts.
  2. I’m 25 years old, and it’s a rare day when I actually act my age. People regularly think I’m older than my oldest siblings. Growing up, I was more comfortable hanging out upstairs with the grownups than in the basement with my cousins and brother playing pool.
  3. I’ve been married for one year and two days. We’ve been together for 6 years in November. He’s the love of my life
  4. We have a 5 year old 4-legged child. Her name is Mandy and on Instagram you can find ridiculous photos of her under the hashtag #lunaticmandy
  5. My favorite color is purple.
  6. I have a tattoo on top of my right foot of a treble clef. I got it when I was 18 and just about to go off to college. I backed my mom’s brand new car into a broken post in the parking lot of the tattoo parlor and cried the entire time. When I got home, my little brother told me that someday when I don’t love music anymore, I should just turn it into a tiger. Someday, buddy…
  7. I’ve lived under 7 different roofs (is that really a word?) in my lifetime. 16andahalf ish were in the same house my mom lives in today.
  8. I miss singing and performing every day but don’t have the courage to join a choir without a friend…nevermind that I’m fully aware joining said choir is a great way to make a friend. And you thought I was an extrovert…
  9. My husband just won the battle with the xbox. Now I remember that I don’t really like Game of Thrones and would much rather watch The Newsroom.
  10. I was in a unicycle club in elementary school. My very own unicycle is somewhere in my mom’s garage. It was also a juggling club, and once while I was practicing juggling (I was never any good and I’m going to guess this was 3rd grade-ish) I dropped a juggling cube. A classmate rode over it with her unicycle, fell off, and broke her arm. I still feel a little guilty.
  11. Sometimes, I make myself laugh really hard. I guess I just think I’m funny 🙂 (you don’t have to)
  12. In college I earned a degree in Communication. Turns out, I use it every day at work. WHO KNEW.
  13. When life gets to be too much, I prefer to retreat to under my covers and not come out at all until I’ve had at least one good long cry and read one trash book.
  14. I talk to my mom pretty much every morning on my way to work. She’s the best.
  15. I work in an environment that is predominantly male. On my first day in my current role, my boss and I were walking ‘the floor’ and I overheard someone say, “That’s the new girl. She doesn’t take shit from anybody.” My instant response was to shout out “That’s right! And never forget it!”
  16. I was born at 10:37am. I think.
  17. Sunroof open, music loud, sunglasses on – it’s a recipe for instant happiness.
  18. I’m left handed
  19. I need to play piano more or I’m going to forget how, and I never never never want to do that. Good thing my piano lives at my house now. 🙂
  20. TWENTY!!!! Go me. Oh, that’s not a thing… er… sometimes I cheer myself on!!! 🙂

Tomorrow! I’ll be back. ❤