well thank goodness

She sent Ryan home. I think everyone on Earth was sick of hearing him talk about himself.  Good heavens.

Alright, now that that’s all out of the way, let me interrupt this Bachelorette review for a moment. I have missed this little blog. Believe me when I tell you I think about blogging all the time. And somehow… just don’t have time to write! turns out working full time and being two months from a wedding are busy times in life. Taking an extra hour or so in the evenings to hang out here is a precious commodity! 🙂

P.S. I justified two hours on the Bachelorette as a) me time and b) time to stamp, stamp again, and stamp some more wedding invitations. There was also stuffing involved. It was a good time. 🙂

Okay. So for real!? Ryan is such an idiot. And SUCH a prick. I know it’s a mean word. I really mean it, and I don’t even know this person in real life. But come on what kind of normal human plucks off their finger hairs? I also sticky-noted the following Ryan quotes during the episode:

“The mean guy comes out on the football field. I kind of miss the mean guy”


“That is very shocking… because I didn’t see that coming”

Seriously. TWO PHRASES I hope no one ever says to me. Especially not my husband. Get real. In one, you’re just a guy telling me you’re an asshole. And…you realize that’s the definition of “shocked” right? You generally don’t see something shocking coming. idiot.

Alright. I’m off the Ryan soapbox. I also thought it was hilarious when she booted the first guy, and he threw his umbrella while he was walking away. Way to stick it to her, man. Ouch. It takes real pain to get booted off mid-way thru the world’s most expensive dating game.

Holy Cow… am I a cynic, or what?

Okay. Onto the things I did like about this episode of the Bachelorette:

There was a giant commercial for the new Disney moving coming out, “Brave.” At first, I was a little annoyed I have to admit. But ironically, it worked, and I now would really like to go see this movie. Or at least get it from the redbox. (also on the list: “Tangled”)

There is just something about Emily I like. It almost pains me to say it… but my goodness, that southern belle charm she has going on makes me kind of think she’s awesome. And also crazy, in several ways. I also really dig her travel choices. All places that are on my “must travel to” list. SO BEAUTIFUL.

I was a little shocked she chose to keep both guys… nice bait and switch, producers. But she’s doing a good job at keeping me guessing that’s for sure… I’m really not sure I see a front runner yet! (don’t spoil it for me if you read the blogs! :))

I don’t know if you watched until the very end… But there is a bloopers moment where you see seven men in kilts on donkeys that are running amok. I found it pretty funny.

And, a random picture from my Instagram, just because I couldn’t have a whole post without a picture:

Seriously. If you don’t think this is the cutest little nephew on Earth, you can just leave me alone. 🙂

that’s all for now. I’ll be back someday soon, blogland. 🙂







One thought on “well thank goodness

  1. I really thought Ryan was going to talk himself back into a rose…then I would have been pissed. Because he is a prick. Love the car talk at the end where he said he hoped they weren’t editing him to look bad. As if it would take editing.

    And can I just say, Shaun/Sean however you spell it in a kilt. Yumm-o.

    tammy t

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