Writer’s Workshop: Instagram Style (Take Two)

alright. sad, sad story. I wrote this whole post. I posted it. It lived right here for approximately 12 hours. it was a good one. I somehow aligned the blog gods and upset them. 😦 It disappeared…(user error? …nah. Blog Gods.) I’ll do my best to re-write it, better than last time 🙂

This week’s Writers Workshop prompt is:

4.) Are you on Instagram? Glance through your photos from last week, choose one, and share the back story.

Why yes, I am on Instagram. Thank you for asking. I’m @itssararose. You want a photo you say? Alright. Let me choose one…


Oh, you want some backstory too? Alright. So first of all, Whitney Kay, the texter in this photo is my best friend. She’s also the Maid of Honor in my wedding. Here are five fun facts about Whitney:

one: She is hilariously funny. One of the funniest people I have ever met in my lifetime. We have about 1,984,358,810 inside jokes that vary in both appropriateness and maturity. They are all funny. And she remembers ALL of them. (Hey Whit, I love you like I love wet cat food on a hot summer day).

two: She is beautiful and smart and talented. She is kind and generous and loving and tells you whats up. She’s all of the greatest things anyone could ever want in a best friend. (please don’t even try stealing her for your own).

three: She’s got an EXACT REPLICA of herself in a 17 year old girl on America’s Next Best Dance Crew. I’m serious. This girl is the doppleganger to end all dopplegangers.

four: She has this crazy laugh that is so infectious we sometimes find ourselves laughing for ten seconds over one thing, and then laughing at each other for three minutes. It is complete with a snort if you are lucky.

five: girlfriend can throw one hell of a party.

Which brings us back to the photo. Oh, you want to see it again? Don’t worry, I won’t make you scroll back up. Here it is:


Last weekend was my bachelorette party. It was a ridiculously good time. Ten lovely ladies joined me on a night of cavorting around downtown Portland. Although Whitney’s pictures do a pretty excellent job of describing the whole night, here are some other memorable moments:

  • Drinking champagne out of a giant pink sparkly BRIDE goblet while opening a myriad of gifts, from magnets shaped like teeth, to a stilleto-shaped bottle opener, a million ring pops, an “Oh-Shit Kit,” and a bunch of other wonderful stuff 🙂
  • Playing “Bachelorette Bingo” with boxes like “wink at a short guy” and “get advice from a married couple” (among the ones I did not complete: get a piggy back ride from a stranger, and using a guy’s cell phone to fix my lipstick)

  • Wandering around downtown getting asked no less than 10 times if we were a part of the parade.
  • Going to the bathroom at Old Town Pizza at least seven times, all with different ladies from my party. Turns out, bachelorette’s have to pee a lot.
  • Seeing Portland’s longest-running drag show at Darcelle’s, complete with red velvet booths and curtains. Seriously, one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen. (ps, who has the picture? don’t say me…)
  • Dancing/Singing/Chatting/Photo Bombing the rest of the night away at The Boiler Room.
  • Needing a full day for recovery  Enjoying Starbucks and brunch at Mother’s the next morning.

All I can say, is I’ve got the best girlfriends ever.




2 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop: Instagram Style (Take Two)

  1. I’ve noticed some of my friends who grew up without sisters have seemed to make their own. 🙂 I love that you have a sister in Whitney!

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