Writer’s Workshop

So today, I blog from Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop.  You might remember Mama Kat from my last trip around the block with this ol’ blog, but she’s my aunt, and she’s hilariously funny, and she does a writer’s workshop every week and encourages people to participate. So this week, here’s my response to the prompt:

4.) If you had to choose a Disney princess to live the rest of your life as…which princess would you choose and why?

DUH. Of course I choose this prompt. And OBVIOUSLY my answer is Belle.

Belle is a downhome girl who loves to read and sing. Tell me that doesn’t sound like me? I dare you. Also, please, no jokes about taming beasts. Unless they are about Mandy or my hair.

Her Poppa was a little insane (who’s isn’t?) and she had a giant ugly village ass of a man who eats a dozen raw eggs for breakfast chasing after her (who doesn’t?) and she fell in love with a man who is cursed by an evil witch to look like a monster (who hasn’t?)

…this is starting to sound a little like The Bachelorette. Lets move on.

Reasons Belle is the most badass of the Disney princesses:

1. Girl didn’t start a princess! She’s got a real Kate Middleton thing going on (except Prince William was hot from the start) that makes you think she’s just like you.

2. She’s brave. She moved in with a BEAST. To save her dad. She’s either real dumb and had a death wish, or loyal and brave. I think brave. The loyal part is pretty great too.

3. She loves books and she’s nice to everyone. Even saucy candlesticks, a stuck up old clock, and some busted teacups.

4. What 8 (er… 24?) year old girl doesn’t love that dress? You know the dress. Yellow. Poofy. White gloves.

5. She sticks up for herself and for her family. There’s something to be said for a girl who doesn’t let people walk all over her, or the people she loves.

Just sayin’. Belle’s kind of a bad ass. Who would you pick?




6 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop

  1. Well I WAS going to pick Princess Aurora, because who doesn’t want a pink AND blue dress, true love at 16, AND three fairies to do you bidding? But after reading this I might just change my choice to Belle. She really IS bad ass!

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