The Bachelorette… and Dolly Parton

Alright, here’s my rundown on this week’s episode of The Bachelorette 🙂

So, while watching I felt like I really liked the guy on the first date, and they had a nice connection. But by the end of the episode… I had completely forgotten him. Not a good sign for him. I can’t even remember his name! 🙂

It’s nice to see Emily send guys home that clearly don’t have a shot at the end. It makes her seem very no-nonsense, which I can appreciate on a show where every date costs more than I make in a year and there is an unlimited supply of booze (although, did you notice she and Ari were drinking sparkling cider on their date instead of champagne? Maybe it was because she was hung over from the GIANT glass of wine she had the night before) Additionally… I’m finding Emily’s accent more and more annoying all the time. Except when she says “Charlie.” That’s actually pretty cute.

BOLD MOVE, Emily, bringing your friends to meet like 10 dudes on the group date. And she wasn’t even shy about it. It was all “these are my friends, they are going to pump you for uncomfortable information and you are going to have to bend at their will.” Very telling. 🙂

Beaverton… way to represent. I can appreciate that you miss your kid. Really, I can. But… you also just cried like a baby on national television. Reign it in, man. Maybe I’ll see you next week running laps OUTSIDE your gym while I’m at work (seriously. They run outside all the time. WHY!? IT’S THE FREAKING GYM!)

Ryan? Is that his name? The guy from the first date last week. “Too Perfect” is not a compliment. Also, telling a girl you won’t love her anymore if she gets fat… probably not the answer she was going for. Not smooth. He just kind of seems like… an asshole. And ohhh my god put on a FREAKING TIE for the rose ceremony. A skin tight v-neck and a suit jacket just will not cut it.

And lets be real… I didn’t like Ari in the beginning. Call me old fashioned, but something about driving around in a car going 200 mph with a zillion other people who want to beat you doesn’t scream “ready to be a dad” to me. But… that date was pretty freaking adorable.

Wait, let me back up. The date got good after Dolly Parton was on it. Don’t get me wrong, I can appreciate a little Dolly Parton with the best of them. Just don’t make me look at her. Anyone who knows me knows I hate clowns, a lot. The woman permanently looks like a clown. I can’t handle it.

Alright. Glad I cleared the air with that one. So anyway, after Dolly left it got pretty good. And I don’t think anyone could deny that while making out, they looked like a pretty “perfect” couple. And by “perfect,” I mean the kind of couple you might see in a magazine, not perfect by any kind of normal standards. For some reason I’m still drawn to it.

Sean is a real cutie. And seriously… her friend was hitting on you. A LOT. The blushing was even more adorable. And you take yourself so seriously when you talk to Emily. It makes you quite appealing, sir.

I must admit, the first couple episodes had me feeling iffy… but this last one was redeeming. I’ve officially been sucked in by another season. 🙂

Tomorrow (if I have time) I will be back to tell you all about our weekend, and what an excellent golfer I am, and how many rum and cokes it takes before I get better to make it thru all 18 holes 🙂




4 thoughts on “The Bachelorette… and Dolly Parton

  1. BUT WAIT. i’m surprised you didn’t touch on my LEAST FAVORITE bro kalon who told her he loves when she talks but just wishes she’d let him finish… I DIED

  2. BUT WAIT. i can’t believe you forgot to mention my LEAST FAVORITE bro, kalon, who told emily he loves when she talks but wishes she’d let him finish. i about lost it when he got a rose.

    • i love that this is on here twice. I GET IT. KALON SUCKS. Big time. He really does. But I don’t want to give his ego any more attention by talking about him. He’s clearly a “there’s no bad publicity” kind of guy. Hopefully he gets sent home next week. 🙂

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