Hello, Friday.

Oh hey Friday. It’s wonderful to see you here.

I had to work late a couple of nights this week, so I get to go in late today. It’s a sunny, beautiful Friday here in Portland

and I’m feeling pretty lucky I don’t have to be at work until 10.

Random things on my mind this morning:

  • the wedding. pretty much all consuming these days. don’t ask me about it unless you’re prepared to hear me talk for 25 minutes. 🙂
  • snuggles. of the man kind, and of the Labrador kind. both wonderful in their own way.
  • tonight I’m going to hang out with pretty lady Katy. It’s strange, we work together and somehow we never have time to hang out. It’s going to be lovely. 🙂
  • Next weekend, Sam and I are going to the Resort at the Mountain, at Mt. Hood. Sam won us this vacation at a Blazer game. More on that after we go. 🙂
  • Getting my butt out of bed. Much more difficult than anticipated this morning.
  • Loving that it’s Friday. It’s going to be a wedding -craft-making kind of weekend.

Hope you had as wonderful of a start to your Friday as I did!




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