so, you think you can just mysteriously disappear from blogland for an entire year?

yup. I do. I did. And now I’m back.

Because here’s the thing. When I started this blog, I was brand spanking new to the great state of Oregon. And last weekend… I realized we had been here a whole year. ONE ENTIRE YEAR. A pretty crazy year, at that. We lived with Sam’s parents. We both started careers. My sister gave our family a handsome, healthy little piece of heaven who makes me an Aunt to the cutest little guy in town. I took on a sewing project where I made Fred & Wilma Flintstone costumes (with some significant help from Maggie), then wore them to my cousin’s wedding. I got together with friends I have been missing. I made new friends. I have a rock on the ring finger of my left hand that was given to me by the most wonderful man I have ever known, and in just about three months we will be laying on the sandy beaches of Mexico on our honeymoon. We adventured all over the place with our trusty pup, Mandy. I laughed, I cried, I watched some really bad TV. Some seriously funny sh*t happened.

Whoa. I’ve missed a lot while I was out there living life.

I want to document it. I want to remember this time in my life forever. If I don’t post everyday, that’s okay. But I should post when I want to and always follow up on the thought that “maybe I should blog about that.” I won’t use “I don’t have a picture to include” as an excuse for why not to write about it. So here’s to starting again. Lets see if we make it out of the month of June this time…




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