Bachelorette: In Review

Alright. I watched The Bachelorette SOLELY for the purpose of blogging about it. Not because I wanted to, or because I consider it a guilty pleasure, but because I knew it would make good writing material. I mean… it’s fun to write about The Bachelorette. I can be snarky and mean, which is SO not me in real life. I can cheer her on or booo her bad decisions. And I have to say, maybe it’s because I’m an old (almost) married woman, but I just want to keep yelling at the screen “THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN IN REAL LIFE!!!” There were even a few times where I felt like just turning it off (WHAT?! Who am I!?). But it stuck it out. Just for you. There was no personal benefit at all. In fact, I hated sitting home alone after work on a Thursday snuggling with my pup and the house allllll to myself. It was the worst day I’ve had. 😉

So, the Bachelorette is back. And it’s

Emily. I have to say, I loved her on Brad’s season and yet somehow I’m a little annoyed that she’s The Bachelorette. Reasons:

1. HER KID. Allll thru Brad’s season, she talked about how much she missed her daughter and how she wasn’t sure she was ready for her daughter to meet Brad and blah blah blah. I thought, “Oh, she’s doing this with her daughter. Maybe this will be a refreshing change for this show. Something different. Staying in the hometown, seeing what life is really like, giving them an opportunity to actually fall in love in a normal way that might have a chance of lasting. Portraying a little more REAL LIFE situation, where people have kids and families and things to do and can’t go jetting all around the world to fall in love…” WRONG. SO WRONG. Now it feels like she’s just exploiting the kid, dragging her all around the world with her while she makes out with 20 guys in bad suits. And what about school? Shouldn’t your six year old be in school? Do we get to meet the nanny who cares for your kid while you make out with 20 guys in bad suits? Aren’t you gone like 15 hours a day filming and making out and getting your makeup done and shopping and making out and going on dates? How many nanny’s are there?

2. Her teeth. They are just too perfect.

3. Mainly it’s about the kid.

Other observations from the first episode:

  • Who hired the stylists for this show? Seriously guys? A baby pink shirt and a hot pink tie? A kelly green shirt? I get it, you thought it would make you POP and she wouldn’t be able to focus on anything but you. But here’s the situation… she’s focusing on the ACTUALLY HOT guy behind you. Your shirt did not help. And for goodness sakes, you are about to be on TV with millions of women looking at you. Don’t buy the suit off the model at Kohl’s. Find something that fits. AND BUY AN IRON.
  • Emily is a real hottie.
  • I forgot how much more fun The Bachelorette is than The Bachelor. Or maybe Ben was just suuuppperrr boring. But guys are feisty with each other, and girls just pull each other’s hair and bitch a lot. Which is why I will keep watching.
  • There are some seriously hot dudes on this season. Which is why I will keep watching.
  • There are also some seriously NOT hot dudes
  • There is a guy from Beaverton, OR. And in his video reel at the beginning, they showed him at his gym. Which is across the parking lot from my office. Which was weird. And why I will keep watching.

I mean, if it were up to me, I would skip this season of The Bachelorette all together. But I know you’re counting on me. So I will watch, but just for you. I’m making a real sacrifice here. 🙂




One thought on “Bachelorette: In Review

  1. Yes! The clothes some of the guys were wearing were so distracting! So many green shirts! And did you laugh out loud at the guy who took his shirt off at the end and said she was missing out on “all this?” Yikes. Are you stalking the Oregon guy now?

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