well, look who it is.

Dear Blogland,

So here’s the situation. I was washing the dinner dishes a little while ago, and was thinking about how crazy great the season finale of SMASH was. I mean seriously. Epic.

You see, I just watched it right before dinner. And I love Sam and all, but the man seriously could not care less about Smash… much the way I really do not care who is going to win the NBA Playoffs.

Anyhow, all I really wanted to do was talk about it. But Sam doesn’t care. And I’ve been thinking about bringing the blog back for a while, for a number of different reasons. I keep telling myself I’ll start writing again when I have more free time… but that’s just an excuse.

The truth is, I miss you, blog world. You care that Smash was seriously amazing and I suddenly have a crush on Katharine McPhee as Marilyn Monroe and NOT on her hot British Indian boyfriend. You care that Ivy is totally crazy and also oh-my-God, why is my life not like this? You get me. And my need to discuss after an episode such as this one.

Alright, you might not actually care about that. But I’m going to really make an effort to hang out here more. Because I don’t care if you care about Smash or not. Smash really isn’t the point here. I miss writing to you blogland.

I mean it. I’m keeping a notepad of blog ideas so that I never have an excuse not to write. I’ll be back, blog world. SOON. 🙂




ps. don’t judge me for having a banner that says “summer 2011” on it.

note to self: never put a date on a banner again.


One thought on “well, look who it is.

  1. Weeee! You are back! And Ivy was just so crazy. And her Mom was just so not helpful…and I so needed you to do this so we could talk. And the Batchelor is back. And there is so much to talk about. And please be back for good!


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