Writer’s Workshop

So today, I blog from Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop.  You might remember Mama Kat from my last trip around the block with this ol’ blog, but she’s my aunt, and she’s hilariously funny, and she does a writer’s workshop every week and encourages people to participate. So this week, here’s my response to the prompt:

4.) If you had to choose a Disney princess to live the rest of your life as…which princess would you choose and why?

DUH. Of course I choose this prompt. And OBVIOUSLY my answer is Belle.

Belle is a downhome girl who loves to read and sing. Tell me that doesn’t sound like me? I dare you. Also, please, no jokes about taming beasts. Unless they are about Mandy or my hair.

Her Poppa was a little insane (who’s isn’t?) and she had a giant ugly village ass of a man who eats a dozen raw eggs for breakfast chasing after her (who doesn’t?) and she fell in love with a man who is cursed by an evil witch to look like a monster (who hasn’t?)

…this is starting to sound a little like The Bachelorette. Lets move on.

Reasons Belle is the most badass of the Disney princesses:

1. Girl didn’t start a princess! She’s got a real Kate Middleton thing going on (except Prince William was hot from the start) that makes you think she’s just like you.

2. She’s brave. She moved in with a BEAST. To save her dad. She’s either real dumb and had a death wish, or loyal and brave. I think brave. The loyal part is pretty great too.

3. She loves books and she’s nice to everyone. Even saucy candlesticks, a stuck up old clock, and some busted teacups.

4. What 8 (er… 24?) year old girl doesn’t love that dress? You know the dress. Yellow. Poofy. White gloves.

5. She sticks up for herself and for her family. There’s something to be said for a girl who doesn’t let people walk all over her, or the people she loves.

Just sayin’. Belle’s kind of a bad ass. Who would you pick?




The Bachelorette… and Dolly Parton

Alright, here’s my rundown on this week’s episode of The Bachelorette 🙂

So, while watching I felt like I really liked the guy on the first date, and they had a nice connection. But by the end of the episode… I had completely forgotten him. Not a good sign for him. I can’t even remember his name! 🙂

It’s nice to see Emily send guys home that clearly don’t have a shot at the end. It makes her seem very no-nonsense, which I can appreciate on a show where every date costs more than I make in a year and there is an unlimited supply of booze (although, did you notice she and Ari were drinking sparkling cider on their date instead of champagne? Maybe it was because she was hung over from the GIANT glass of wine she had the night before) Additionally… I’m finding Emily’s accent more and more annoying all the time. Except when she says “Charlie.” That’s actually pretty cute.

BOLD MOVE, Emily, bringing your friends to meet like 10 dudes on the group date. And she wasn’t even shy about it. It was all “these are my friends, they are going to pump you for uncomfortable information and you are going to have to bend at their will.” Very telling. 🙂

Beaverton… way to represent. I can appreciate that you miss your kid. Really, I can. But… you also just cried like a baby on national television. Reign it in, man. Maybe I’ll see you next week running laps OUTSIDE your gym while I’m at work (seriously. They run outside all the time. WHY!? IT’S THE FREAKING GYM!)

Ryan? Is that his name? The guy from the first date last week. “Too Perfect” is not a compliment. Also, telling a girl you won’t love her anymore if she gets fat… probably not the answer she was going for. Not smooth. He just kind of seems like… an asshole. And ohhh my god put on a FREAKING TIE for the rose ceremony. A skin tight v-neck and a suit jacket just will not cut it.

And lets be real… I didn’t like Ari in the beginning. Call me old fashioned, but something about driving around in a car going 200 mph with a zillion other people who want to beat you doesn’t scream “ready to be a dad” to me. But… that date was pretty freaking adorable.

Wait, let me back up. The date got good after Dolly Parton was on it. Don’t get me wrong, I can appreciate a little Dolly Parton with the best of them. Just don’t make me look at her. Anyone who knows me knows I hate clowns, a lot. The woman permanently looks like a clown. I can’t handle it.

Alright. Glad I cleared the air with that one. So anyway, after Dolly left it got pretty good. And I don’t think anyone could deny that while making out, they looked like a pretty “perfect” couple. And by “perfect,” I mean the kind of couple you might see in a magazine, not perfect by any kind of normal standards. For some reason I’m still drawn to it.

Sean is a real cutie. And seriously… her friend was hitting on you. A LOT. The blushing was even more adorable. And you take yourself so seriously when you talk to Emily. It makes you quite appealing, sir.

I must admit, the first couple episodes had me feeling iffy… but this last one was redeeming. I’ve officially been sucked in by another season. 🙂

Tomorrow (if I have time) I will be back to tell you all about our weekend, and what an excellent golfer I am, and how many rum and cokes it takes before I get better to make it thru all 18 holes 🙂



Greetings from…

…our room at The Resort. 🙂 blissful weekend!!

This morning I have been practicing my right-handed putting skills (why they don’t have left handed women’s clubs for rental makes no sense…)

Anyway. Booya. Right into the jar! (between Mandy’s legs!!) I see an ass-kicking in Sam’s near future.


We’re Engaged!

Old news by now. But, the blog didn’t exist then.

Correction. The Blog definitely existed. It just wasn’t being… utilized. I have to say, I had a lot of OTHER IMPORTANT STUFF going on.

Anyhow. Here’s the scoop.

We’d been talking about it for a while. Our 4 (5? Oh crap. No. 4 for sure.) year anniversary was at the beginning of November, and he brought me home a beautiful bouquet of red roses, and a catalog filled with engagement rings to peruse through. We looked through it together for a while, dog-earing pages I that had rings I liked, going back and comparing back and forth. I had a stand out favorite, but would have taken the one from the crackerjack box if it meant being with him.

(I would learn much later that Sam bought the ring the next day)

Life got busy. I knew Sam was shopping for a ring, but I didn’t know much else. I was just going about life, as normal, as though I didn’t know he was shopping for a ring. I thought it might have been a mean trick.

The week of Thanksgiving, he said, “we should go to dinner on Wednesday.” I said, “sounds good.”

Then he made a dinner reservation at a fancy restaurant (this is very out of character. We are homebodies, and a date usually includes happy hour and a movie, or if we’re feeling fancy I wear high heels and we do the same thing :))

Then I started seriously freaking out. I had no idea if he had bought a ring but I figured he probably hadn’t, and he was acting super strange. It was pretty clear what was coming… but I was in NO WAY about to get my hopes up just to have them dashed away on just a really lovely date. So I kept telling myself it was “just dinner.” I kept telling my friends it’s “just dinner.” It was my mantra. For a whole two days. Katy made me this picture in paint and sent it in an email that said “this is me, not being excited. muahahaha.”:

I thought I might lose my mind. It was all consuming. When was the last time I was NERVOUS with Sam? Psh. A LONG, long time ago.

We went to dinner at McCormick & Schmicks at Harborside in downtown Portland. It’s beautiful, and it was all decorated for Christmas. We had a bottle of Pinot Gregio from Willamette Vineyards (I kept the cork). We had calamari and steak and creme brulee for dessert. After dinner, Sam had to “run to the car to get his jacket” (why didn’t he bring it inside? It’s just dinner…) so we could go for a walk.

Harborside has an adorable little walkway that leads along the water to the viewpoint of the Hawthorne Bridge. It had been raining BUCKETS all week, so the cobblestone path was a little… muddy. And poorly designed for girls who are all dressed up in their heels.

We got up to the bridge, and talked for a couple of minutes, he got down on one knee, pulled a ring out of his pocket, and told me he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. 🙂 I snatched that ring out of his hand, put it on my finger, gave him a big sloppy kiss and a “yes yes yes!” and have been dazzled by it (and him!) every day since.

(this picture was taken several months later, but at the same spot) 🙂

Next, of course, came calling half of the contacts in our phones. We stopped to pick up a bottle of champagne and called some friends who happened to be all together at a bar about 10 minutes from us. We turned the car around and headed their way. Celebrating with a bottle of bubbly and people who love us was the perfect addition to a perfect night! (I kept that cork too).

We’re getting married August 25 (three months from today). I love him with my whole heart, and I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with him.

(feel free to barf anytime)


*the pictures in this post, and probably a lot of posts to come, are by the beautiful and talented Katheryn Moran Photography. She’s an amazing photographer, and a better friend.

All Tied Up: Bachelorette Review

Alright. So our wedding is in three months (get ready for it, if I’m going to hang out in blogland, you’re going to hear my wedding ramblings. Welcome to the inside of my brain).

Anyway. Wedding = three months away. Things I think about constantly (in no particular order):

  • Cake flavors (must remember to call bakery and tell them what we picked)
  • Confetti
  • Table Runners
  • Ties
  • Other decorations
  • The Weather
  • Invitations
  • Paper (order it. DO IT.)
  • The Weather

…you get the general idea. Don’t worry, you don’t have to hear about all of them at once. Today lets focus on ties.


I love this. (snagged from Pinterest. another topic for another day.)

Blogland, help me find these ties. Let’s talk about ties in relation to… The Bachelorette.

The whole thing was almost PAINFULLY boring. I can’t even begin to tell you anything about it because no one else should have to waste any more time on this latest episode of truly awful, glued-to-my-tv-and-i-don’t-know-why, bad TV. Anyhow. Tonight, lets focus on the rose ceremony:

  • Some of you have very nice ties. I noticed them, and mostly you and your tie are cute.
  • If you came to the rose ceremony without a tie: You are an idiot.
  • Some of you have ties that would make it easy to strangle you. And she probably noticed that too.
  • Some of you have hair ties. Hair ties are for ladies. Go home or get a haircut.
  • Hey, Beaverton. UGLY TIE. Work on that.
  • If your tie is exactly the same color as your shirt – find a new stylist.

Emily is seriously bringing her hot (plastic?) body into some gorgeous dresses (DID YOU SEE THAT BLACK LACE DRESS!?!) so these guys should probably step it up a notch or seven.

…that pretty much sums it up for The Bachelorette.

It’s been a long week already, and it’s only Tuesday. Somehow, life is easier when the sun is out, you know? Please come back, spring sun. I really loved it when you were here. 🙂





Hello, Friday.

Oh hey Friday. It’s wonderful to see you here.

I had to work late a couple of nights this week, so I get to go in late today. It’s a sunny, beautiful Friday here in Portland

and I’m feeling pretty lucky I don’t have to be at work until 10.

Random things on my mind this morning:

  • the wedding. pretty much all consuming these days. don’t ask me about it unless you’re prepared to hear me talk for 25 minutes. 🙂
  • snuggles. of the man kind, and of the Labrador kind. both wonderful in their own way.
  • tonight I’m going to hang out with pretty lady Katy. It’s strange, we work together and somehow we never have time to hang out. It’s going to be lovely. 🙂
  • Next weekend, Sam and I are going to the Resort at the Mountain, at Mt. Hood. Sam won us this vacation at a Blazer game. More on that after we go. 🙂
  • Getting my butt out of bed. Much more difficult than anticipated this morning.
  • Loving that it’s Friday. It’s going to be a wedding -craft-making kind of weekend.

Hope you had as wonderful of a start to your Friday as I did!



Bachelorette: In Review

Alright. I watched The Bachelorette SOLELY for the purpose of blogging about it. Not because I wanted to, or because I consider it a guilty pleasure, but because I knew it would make good writing material. I mean… it’s fun to write about The Bachelorette. I can be snarky and mean, which is SO not me in real life. I can cheer her on or booo her bad decisions. And I have to say, maybe it’s because I’m an old (almost) married woman, but I just want to keep yelling at the screen “THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN IN REAL LIFE!!!” There were even a few times where I felt like just turning it off (WHAT?! Who am I!?). But it stuck it out. Just for you. There was no personal benefit at all. In fact, I hated sitting home alone after work on a Thursday snuggling with my pup and the house allllll to myself. It was the worst day I’ve had. 😉

So, the Bachelorette is back. And it’s

Emily. I have to say, I loved her on Brad’s season and yet somehow I’m a little annoyed that she’s The Bachelorette. Reasons:

1. HER KID. Allll thru Brad’s season, she talked about how much she missed her daughter and how she wasn’t sure she was ready for her daughter to meet Brad and blah blah blah. I thought, “Oh, she’s doing this with her daughter. Maybe this will be a refreshing change for this show. Something different. Staying in the hometown, seeing what life is really like, giving them an opportunity to actually fall in love in a normal way that might have a chance of lasting. Portraying a little more REAL LIFE situation, where people have kids and families and things to do and can’t go jetting all around the world to fall in love…” WRONG. SO WRONG. Now it feels like she’s just exploiting the kid, dragging her all around the world with her while she makes out with 20 guys in bad suits. And what about school? Shouldn’t your six year old be in school? Do we get to meet the nanny who cares for your kid while you make out with 20 guys in bad suits? Aren’t you gone like 15 hours a day filming and making out and getting your makeup done and shopping and making out and going on dates? How many nanny’s are there?

2. Her teeth. They are just too perfect.

3. Mainly it’s about the kid.

Other observations from the first episode:

  • Who hired the stylists for this show? Seriously guys? A baby pink shirt and a hot pink tie? A kelly green shirt? I get it, you thought it would make you POP and she wouldn’t be able to focus on anything but you. But here’s the situation… she’s focusing on the ACTUALLY HOT guy behind you. Your shirt did not help. And for goodness sakes, you are about to be on TV with millions of women looking at you. Don’t buy the suit off the model at Kohl’s. Find something that fits. AND BUY AN IRON.
  • Emily is a real hottie.
  • I forgot how much more fun The Bachelorette is than The Bachelor. Or maybe Ben was just suuuppperrr boring. But guys are feisty with each other, and girls just pull each other’s hair and bitch a lot. Which is why I will keep watching.
  • There are some seriously hot dudes on this season. Which is why I will keep watching.
  • There are also some seriously NOT hot dudes
  • There is a guy from Beaverton, OR. And in his video reel at the beginning, they showed him at his gym. Which is across the parking lot from my office. Which was weird. And why I will keep watching.

I mean, if it were up to me, I would skip this season of The Bachelorette all together. But I know you’re counting on me. So I will watch, but just for you. I’m making a real sacrifice here. 🙂



so, you think you can just mysteriously disappear from blogland for an entire year?

yup. I do. I did. And now I’m back.

Because here’s the thing. When I started this blog, I was brand spanking new to the great state of Oregon. And last weekend… I realized we had been here a whole year. ONE ENTIRE YEAR. A pretty crazy year, at that. We lived with Sam’s parents. We both started careers. My sister gave our family a handsome, healthy little piece of heaven who makes me an Aunt to the cutest little guy in town. I took on a sewing project where I made Fred & Wilma Flintstone costumes (with some significant help from Maggie), then wore them to my cousin’s wedding. I got together with friends I have been missing. I made new friends. I have a rock on the ring finger of my left hand that was given to me by the most wonderful man I have ever known, and in just about three months we will be laying on the sandy beaches of Mexico on our honeymoon. We adventured all over the place with our trusty pup, Mandy. I laughed, I cried, I watched some really bad TV. Some seriously funny sh*t happened.

Whoa. I’ve missed a lot while I was out there living life.

I want to document it. I want to remember this time in my life forever. If I don’t post everyday, that’s okay. But I should post when I want to and always follow up on the thought that “maybe I should blog about that.” I won’t use “I don’t have a picture to include” as an excuse for why not to write about it. So here’s to starting again. Lets see if we make it out of the month of June this time…



well, look who it is.

Dear Blogland,

So here’s the situation. I was washing the dinner dishes a little while ago, and was thinking about how crazy great the season finale of SMASH was. I mean seriously. Epic.

You see, I just watched it right before dinner. And I love Sam and all, but the man seriously could not care less about Smash… much the way I really do not care who is going to win the NBA Playoffs.

Anyhow, all I really wanted to do was talk about it. But Sam doesn’t care. And I’ve been thinking about bringing the blog back for a while, for a number of different reasons. I keep telling myself I’ll start writing again when I have more free time… but that’s just an excuse.

The truth is, I miss you, blog world. You care that Smash was seriously amazing and I suddenly have a crush on Katharine McPhee as Marilyn Monroe and NOT on her hot British Indian boyfriend. You care that Ivy is totally crazy and also oh-my-God, why is my life not like this? You get me. And my need to discuss after an episode such as this one.

Alright, you might not actually care about that. But I’m going to really make an effort to hang out here more. Because I don’t care if you care about Smash or not. Smash really isn’t the point here. I miss writing to you blogland.

I mean it. I’m keeping a notepad of blog ideas so that I never have an excuse not to write. I’ll be back, blog world. SOON. 🙂




ps. don’t judge me for having a banner that says “summer 2011” on it.

note to self: never put a date on a banner again.