And Let Day 2 Begin!

Alright. First. As I write this, I officially have over 1,000 blog views. You all make me feel so loved. I’ve only been hanging out here for about two and a half weeks and I have so many people who seem to actually care what I have to say! I thank you. 🙂

So, the first day of work was a success! Lots of nice and helpful people. I am looking forward to the many days ahead! I spent pretty much the whole day shadowing and answering the phone. Tomorrow I will do lots more shadowing and watching harassment videos and such. You know, general training stuff. Workplace safety. Violence. You know the drill.

Turns out I was freaking out about the MAX for no reason. I decided to forgo it today, because the Rose Festival Fleet Week is over, and here in Portland there are approximately 934 draw bridges in and around the city. Which means that traffic, specifically bus and MAX traffic, was going to be a horrible mess of stress. So I made Sam drive me to work. And for kicks, I made him pick me up, too. Then, I got to work and found out that they will validate my parking. I may ride the MAX someday, but I may chicken out for a little while still. Just because I can. Oh yeah, and I can sleep an extra half hour, too. That part will be lovely.

Sam enjoyed his first day of work, too! He said there were lots of nice people and he made some friends 🙂 He goes back today tooooo!!!!! It sure is exhausting, but it feels good to be working again!!

Tomorrow, I promise another Bachelorette review. 🙂


One thought on “And Let Day 2 Begin!

  1. Glad it was no stress getting to work and that you like it! And I can’t wait for your review. If it went anything like Jolene and my text’s it was too much talk about Bentley!!!



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