It’s a New Job Monday!

Sam and I BOTH start our new jobs today. Which is pretty excellent. A little over a month, and we are both officially employed. That feels good. It feels real good.

Today I will successfully get to work early and get home safely without getting on any wrong trains or missing any important stops.

But. Lets talk about this weekend. Because Saturday night was fun fun super fun.

As I said, I forced Sam to go went on a wonderful date with my man to the Rose Festival CityFair. We got some sweet deals on Groupon for admission for two and five rides. We were thinking of going downtown early Saturday morning for the Grand Floral Parade, but decided that much chaos in one day (the parade plus the carnival) would be too much, so we stayed home and watched it on TV. And when we got to the carnival, I was SO GLAD that we didn’t go downtown early early on Saturday. Because all of the cool floats were right outside the entrance to the carnival, so we could see them right up close and take lots of pictures! The cool thing about the Rose Parade in Portland, is that everything that shows on the float must be natural. So plants, rice, flowers, beans… you get the idea. It’s gotta come from mother earth if you want it to show.

Warning. There are a lot of pictures coming. Just wanted to let you know just in case you get going and then are all, “jeez, Sara, we get it, the floats are nice, just move on already!” It’s my blog. I’ll post as many pictures as I want, thank you. 🙂

My favorite float was the Alaska Airlines float.

This little guy trailed behind the big whale and had airline employees in it pretending to use their barf bags. It was a little cheesy, but the boat is cute. 🙂

There were TONS of beautiful floats!

And, like I said, everything that shows has to be natural. I tried to get a couple of pictures of this to show you what I mean.

This is of that “Battle Ground” sign on the last float I posted a picture of. It’s made of dyed rice. Isn’t that CRAZY!? Plus, there were TONS of beautiful flowers.

Then, we went in to the CityFair. Sam and I had admission for us, plus Katy and Charles left their Groupon down here when they came to visit, since we didn’t end up going. I decided we should just give it to some people who were about to go buy their admission. You know, do a good deed. It makes you feel good. Unless, of course, you give those free admission to some teenagers who are all, “uh, sweet” and then walk away. I wanted you to thank me, yo! Make my heart feel good. Walking off without a thank you was unkind, 17-year-old boy in the Oregon Ducks sweatshirt.

Anyhow. We went inside. Then we went back out because we wanted to look at all of the huge boats along the river. Unfortunately, they were all closed when we got there so we couldn’t tour them. But they were HUGE. In fact, there were several that were so freakin’ big I don’t have pictures of them, because all I could fit in my viewfinder was, like, giant blackness. Or half an anchor. You get the idea. I did get a couple pictures of the smaller boats.

And finally, we went back into the CityFair to walk around, people watch, and go on a couple of rides. And take a ridiculous number of pictures on my camera. I have to say, we gave our extra ride ticket to someone too (must have been high on that good deed feeling from the unappreciative 17-year-old), and she was MUCH nicer. She thanked me about forty times, so I guess it makes up for the stupid kid. 🙂 Anyhow. Another slew of pictures, comin’ atcha.



And also. I love this guy. Oh yeah, and I got new glasses! 🙂

We left the fair and went to meet our friends (remember Lindsey, the graduate?) for a celebratory beverage. Lets just say… the establishment we chose was less than stellar. And it turned out to be a huge high school reunion for Sam. Which was hilarious and also awkward. It’s a good thing I thrive on awkwardity. Yep, I made that word up. But the awkwardness just makes me want to dance. Or sing. Or do something fun (I swear, I was just drinking Diet Coke. I’m just not exactly shy.). So we embraced the strange twist to the evening and I met lots of people Sam hadn’t talked to since high school.

Anyhow. I hope you have a happy, happy Monday and a wonderful week. I hope you like awkwardity like I do.


One thought on “It’s a New Job Monday!

  1. That is the cutest picture of the two of you evah! And I didn’t know that Sam got a job too! Weee! Love all the pictures! So awesome! And hope your day goes smoothly…and glad you had such a fun weekend!



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