I have some news.

I got a new job! I found out last week but I haven’t been saying anything for fear that talking about it will make it go away. I start on Monday as a Recruiter Assistant at a snazzy well-known employment recruiting firm. Wish me luck!

I have these stupid irrational fears. Like my background check will get mixed up somehow with a crazy lady who ran down main street shooting a gun and spent ten years in jail. Or with the guy who was peddling drugs to middle schoolers and now isn’t allowed within 100 yards of anyone under 18. Or the crack addict who took the drug test before me. And then my sweet new job will go away, down the drain, for something stupid that has nothing to do with me.

So. I haven’t told anyone, really. My dad called me yesterday and told me I was a creep for not calling when I found out. Sorry, dad. Papa, I’m pretty sure you’re mad too. I apologize.

I start my new job at 9 on Monday morning! I’m going to try and ride the MAX into the city, to save myself the $50/day in parking. That means I have to be confident enough to navigate public transportation by myself. I can do this. Breathe, Sara. I have to confess, any other time I’ve been on the MAX, I pretty much just follow Sam around and let him lead the way. I’m directionally challenged that way. I have trouble with the difference between left and right. It makes him crazy. I know, I’m 23 and I always say left when I mean to say right. It is a curse I just can’t escape no matter how hard I try. So, everyone hope and pray with me that Monday morning I get on the right train at the right time and also manage to get off at the right stop. Then again at 5, please hope I can find my way home. It’ll help me to know you guys are with me. πŸ™‚

So, that’s the downlow on new news in my life. I apologize for disappearing from blog land for two days with no warning or good excuse for why I’ve been gone. I just… have.

TONIGHT. I WILL be going to the CityFair. I must. I want to. I will ride rides and eat junk food and maybe even get a drink. We will be celebrating a dear friend’s successful graduation from College!Β Congrats, Lindsey! We love you! πŸ™‚

Also, to ensure I don’t disappear from blog land anytime soon again, I’d love a little input on what you would like to hear about from my little corner of the internet. What should I be writing about, people!? I’ve got some ideas rolling around in my little brain, but I’d like to know what you want to read, too!!



10 thoughts on “News!

  1. Yay for new jobs!! Do me a favor and go through a little trial run to work this weekend just so I don’t have to sit here and wonder if you made it safe and sound!

  2. Miss Sara,

    I think Mama Kat has a really good point… and no, I don’t think looking it up online quite counts! ! !

    ANYWAYS, I am SUPER SUPER SUPER happy for YOU! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And I still want to hear a blog about your 5 fav. new Portland hang outs!


    • I’m still learning all the ins and outs of Portland and where I like to hang out so that one may still be a while coming. πŸ™‚ BUT I promise, once I figure it out, I will do one! πŸ™‚ Also, looking it up online TOTALLY counts. At least it better, because that’s all I’m doing. πŸ™‚

  3. So SO happy for you! And I think you will do fine. Really. You aren’t that directionaly challenged. Are you? And I love what you have been writing about so far. Really. Your writing style is amazing. And I love the good the bad, and the really fun. So just tell us what you feel led to!

    tammy t

  4. Sara, plan on getting there like an hour early so you can get coffee/breakfast before, and then if you get lost or whatever, you will still get there on time. That’s what i always do when I am using new transit systems for the first time…makes everything much less stressful.

  5. I like Jennifer’s idea, and then you can let us know you made it early and safely and to the right location and still be early to work… Love ya!

    • Well, the MAX is out for tomorrow since the routes are going to be all wonky; the ships from Fleet Week are all leaving so the bridges will be up and down alll morning. Rather not risk a late train on my first day. So Sam will be dropping me off and I will be there on time with no worries! πŸ™‚

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