Things I Learned from Second Graders

So. I guess I’ve never explicitly stated this.

I live with my boyfriend and his parents. There. I said it. Judge me, I dare you. Free rent and pool access and tasty meals and a warm house are worth it. Plus, they are pretty great people.

Anyway. That was a round-about way of getting to Maggie (Sam’s mom) asking me to come in and help out in her second grade classroom. It’s the last week of class, and her kiddos needed a little help painting clay birds they made. She asked me to come in for about an hour this morning… I stayed all day. But, these second graders. They can teach you stuff.

1. Be yourself. You may be crazy or a cry baby or the popular kid or super smart, but who freakin’ cares? Let that freak flag fly high.

2. Squiggly lines are a struggle for anybody with a paintbrush. Doesn’t matter how small.

3. SHOUTING is definitely the best way to make sure someone is paying attention to you.

4. If someone says they will help you in just one second, sneak up behind them and then get the paint yourself. It makes everyone happy and you look like a winner. And the paint definitely won’t end up on the carpet or in your hair or all over the table because you needed half a bottle of black acrylic paint.

5. Cops have cool jobs and neat tools (like GUNS and TASERS and A VEST!)

6. Always have a snack about an hour before lunch. It will calm you.

7. Be kind to your table neighbor. Otherwise they might steal your milk during lunch.

8. Patience is a virtue that is learned. And at age 8, you haven’t learned it yet.

9. Β I just KNOW I was one of the cute, sweet ones that teachers just loved to have around and under foot every second of the day… right? Oh wait… I’m pretty sure those kids don’t really exist. Only to their parents and in their own heads. Sorry Mrs. LaPutka. πŸ™‚

And 10. I think I’m glad I didn’t become a teacher. It would be incredibly rewarding, I’m sure. But it would also be fully exhausting and not so rewarding sometimes and frustrating all the time and and and and and and….

teachers are saints.



2 thoughts on “Things I Learned from Second Graders

  1. This blog post was so cute, Sara! It sounds like it was a combination of very fun and slightly exhausting! πŸ™‚ I think the three lessons I appreciated the most were 3, 6 and 8! πŸ™‚ You’re adorable! πŸ™‚

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