Helloooooo Monday!

I hope everyone had a wonderful fantastic suntanned beautiful weekend. It FINALLY felt like summer around here. Please stay. Please please pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Of course, it’s supposed to rain today and tomorrow. But THEN. The sun will be back. And I can’t even see the end of it in the forecast. “Forecast” is kind of a big fat liar word around here, since it changes approximately every 38 minutes, but PLEASE. Be right this time, weather man on channel 8. I need the vitamin D you are promising.

So, something terrible happened this weekend. I met the most adorable puppy in the whole entire world. His name was George. There are several things wrong with this scenario.

1. He already has a family. A loving, loving family and a big house and a big yard. But I was SO tempted to steal him anyway. His owners were in California… I don’t think they would even notice that their giant bed warmer was gone.

2. He is an English Mastiff. He has bigger feet than me. And he is 5 months old. He will weigh 150 lbs in six months. He wouldn’t fit in my bed. He would make Mandy look like a squeaky toy. I still wanted him.

3. The real tragedy here, my friends, is that I FORGOT MY CAMERA when I went to go see him. He was so, so, so cute. And I have no pictures to remember him by. Or to share with you. I tried to find one on google images but none of them do him the slightest bit of justice. Believe me when I say that smashed up face and bear feet would have made your heart melt.

Saturday was a lovely, lovely day. Sleeping in was great, followed by a wonderfully lovely pedicure. Then there were several hours of pool lounging, and book reading, followed by a wonderful glass of white wine and pulled pork sandwiches for dinner. Have I ever mentioned that Sam’s dad makes the worlds best barbecue sauce? It tastes like the walls of heaven would if they were made of sauce.

Then, something very strange happened. In the form of deciding to watch Black Swan. Which we had never seen. And which was very strange indeed. However, it was made a little funny by Sam’s serious discomfort through the whole thing. Anytime they showed her feet, he freaked out like she was going to cut them off. Every time they showed the scratch on her back, he about gagged. He even freaked out at one point when she puts her pointe shoes in some broken glass to shred up the bottoms. It made the whole experience slightly humorous. Man, I love that guy. 🙂

Sunday, I got my butt kicked played tennis and won every game. Followed by leftover pulled pork sandwiches. Delicious, delicious. Yum yum yum. I also watched refused to watch Sam climb up on the roof (he had a rope with him, so it was totally safe…. riiiight…) and do a little cleaning. I kept my nose buried in a book and two cell phones by my side for calling 911 and ears wide open to listen for thumping or shouting or falling of any kind. It’s a very steep roof here, my friends. Very steep.

Tomorrow, we will officially have been living in Portland for one whole month. It’s been a good month. A lovely month in a new city that I am seriously loving. A whole month someplace I’ve never lived before. And I haven’t gotten lost since like the second day here. It must be a sign that I should stay forever.

Also. Something weird. Today is 6/6/11. I graduated high school five years ago today. And it is SO, SO interesting to look at how far I have come.

P.S., sorry for the serious lack of pictures in this post. I’ll work on it, I swear.



4 thoughts on “Helloooooo Monday!

  1. When all else fails – take pictures with your phone! Actually, I’m just as glad you didn’t have pictures of the puppy. If Andy saw them, he’d be drooling all over his computer and then they’d have to replace it!

  2. Laughing over Sam twitching over the movie…I don’t even want to see it! Yikes! And jealous over your weekend! Sounds fabulous!


    • tammy, knowing you, you should DEFINITELY not see it. It is creepy, creepy, creepy. You would hate it. Also. We should shareeee a lovely weekend soon. Because I miss you. And we have to get together. And I love you. 🙂

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