Writer’s Workshop: Six Word Memoir

Today, I blog with a topic from the Writer’s Workshop.

Describe a significant time in your life in just six words.

Let’s move, babe. It’ll be fun.

(ps. mandy really, really didn’t want to get left behind. so bad that she crawled in this too-full car and created a place for herself and refused to move. look how sad she is!)


10 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop: Six Word Memoir

    • Thank you! Mandy is a real sweetie. I promise we did not make her ride on top of boxes and clothes or out the back of the Subaru for 300 miles. She had a cozy bed in my car halfway, and then basically had a limo ride with her puppy friends in my mom’s van the whole rest of the way 🙂 she was much happier by the end! I will stop by your blog next!! Thanks again for the sweet comment!

    • YES, it WAS fun! Well, MOVING wasn’t so fun, but the after effects are worth it! We have been here almost a month and it is GREAT so far! It was a little sad leaving our home, but the new adventure just kept drawing us in and so far it has been one of the best things we ever did!! We talked about it for months and months before we finally just bit the bullet and went for it!! I know it’s always different for everyone but I can safely recommend it! 🙂

    • I promise she got over it! I did not make her ride in that car full of stuff. Plus she has lots more room to play here and she’s a happy girl. 🙂 I swear.

  1. Your doggy looks so pathetic! I miss her soft ears and cute, slobbery face!

    I also miss you, but this blogging of your has been amazing.


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