Bachelorette: Girls Only.

Let’s talk Bachelorette.

So first, you’ve got to know. This week, I watched the Bachelorette when I got home from work on Tuesday On Demand. With Sam and his Dad. Watching it with boys just isn’t the same as watching it with Tammy and Jolene. Rather than making sassy comments about how stupid the boys are, they just get mad. Or talk about how weird girls are. Or how these guys just want to beat each other, not get the girl. Or how they just are there for the trip around the world. Or how, “I totally would have just left already… she sucks.”

ALRIGHT ALREADY! I know Ashley isn’t the best Bachelorette ever. But she’s at least sharing her feelings and being honest! Sure she’s a little whiny and might get dumped at the alter, and that would be sad. You just can’t help but like the girl!

So, yet ANOTHER note to self: STOP watching this show with boys. And, Tammy and Jojo, I miss you. Jojo, hurry up and pop out that BABY so I can come meet her! 🙂

Firstly, Ashley. I am so glad you finally got rid of Bentley. And also sad that I didn’t think at the beginning of the episode to make it a drinking game… where you drink every time Ashley says “Bentley.” Although, if I had, this post would be in gibberish and I would probably be passed out on the floor. Because she STILL. CAN’T. STOP. TALKING ABOUT HIM! Gross gross gross. Hopefully next week we are seriously done hearing about him. I can’t handle it anymore.

But lets talk about something real quick. You DEFINITELY went in for a kiss there when he opened the door. It made me want to punch you. You were also all, “I’m going to make him tell me what’s up, no more vagueness, blah blah blah” to Chris Harrison, and then you were A GIANT LIMP NOODLE when it came time to actually talking to Captain D-Bag. Fortunately you figured it out and got the gist anyway, but for real. Grow a pair, girl.

So lets also talk about how we have to stop calling this show The Bachelorette, and call it what it really is: Let’s Make Out (And Have a Drink). Right? Right.

Alright, enough about Bentley. Lets move on. Let me tell each of you how I feel about you.

JP — yum yum. Stay around. I saw that preview for the rest of the season though. I’m hoping that stubbly face in the finale is yours. And you don’t break her little heart. And what’s with you only getting dinner dates? No all day, expensive crazy fiasco, just down home (if fancy) dinner and a tram ride. With some steamy steamy kisses from a hilltop.

Lucas — I don’t like you. I think you have a crazy mean temper and are sort of a big fake fakey. And that whole southern charm thing only works for a little while. It was a little cute when you asked for a kiss… but would have been cuter if she didn’t have to move in for the first one. Get a grip.

Ben Winemaker Guy — You’re cute. Stick around. I was glad you didn’t get mad when she shared her honest feelings about the B-word. You’ve got a shot, buddy. And I want to try your wine.

Ames — You’re growin’ on me every week. Bold elevator move. I’m pretty sure you were drunk, but it was pretty cute and obviously Ashley dug it. Nice moves. Sloppy kisses are her thing maybe. Except with JP. Those are just hot.

Ryan — ehhhhh. You’re a little weird. I can’t quite get a read on you. But, you are good at finding Sad Ashley and being her little boost in the day, so that’s nice. Good on ya.

Constantine — get the heck out of here. You still want to be her brother, I think. How did you make it to the final six without a steamy makeout scene!? Better get on that if you want to stick around. But I will turn away. Because you’re yucky.

Mickey — good riddance. I didn’t like you from the beginning.

And Blake — I felt a little sad for you, until I realized that you didn’t care. See ya.

I can’t lie, this season is a little drab. We need some more steaminess. I’m getting bored.


I know. I suck.

I disappeared for a long time with no warning or apology. Much longer than two days. A whole week, in fact. And now, there is no point in going back and telling you about every day. So get ready for a big post with lots of little snippets. And no pictures, because I haven’t put any on my computer in too long. Sorry again. I already told you, I know, I suck.

Anyhow. Since the last time I posted, I:

  • Went out to dinner with my Uncle Mark, who was in town from Alaska. It was great to see him. But I’m learning something. Tommy (my cousin) = younger Uncle Mark. Uncle Mark = younger Papa. It’s freakin’ me out how much more alike they all get every time I see them.
  • Went shopping early on a Saturday morning and scored some excellent deals that kept me in “business professional” attire for another week.
  • Went to lunch with my Grandma, Aunt, and Uncle who were in town for a memorial service for a dear friend of theirs. Sad reason to visit, but glad they were here anyway! We went to Bob’s Red Mill and it was delicious and had lots of adorable character. I definitely recommend it.
  • Went to a graduation party for a lovely lady who earned her MBA and is great. Congrats, Marissa!
  • Drove all the way to Puyallup to spend Father’s day with my pappy. We hung out on the couch and ate great food and went to a cute little restaurant called the Buttered Biscuit and then went to the Museum of Glass in Tacoma. It’s great. There should someday be a whole post about it, because although they aren’t on my computer yet, I took about 3 million pictures. I love you, dad!
  • Started and finished my second week of work. It was crazy. I made some friends. I kept very busy. I spent two whole days locked in a conference room training on a computer program. The Portland office is on the 26th floor and has some pretty freaking amazing views. I answered and transferred approximately 937,203,079 phone calls. I filled out lots of paperwork and signed my name a zillion times. I made my first ever commute to Beaverton. And home again. That part sucked. So now I find a gym in “the Beav” (ew, what a bad nickname for a city, right? Way less charm than “the Ham.”) so I can avoid the traffic filled drive home.
  • Loaned my computer to a friend. Which is why I haven’t blogged in a million years. Oh yeah, and I was crazy busy and tired and just want to sleep all the time.
  • Hung out with my dear Katy who came down just for Monday and didn’t leave until Thursday. Which was great. We drank wine and sat on the couch and stayed up too late. We got to talk about real stuff and actually sit face to face rather than on the phone, via text, or thru a frozen Skype screen so all I can see is Katy’s lips for 20 minutes because Skype won’t transmit anything else.
  • Went to see Katy’s cute cute super cute new apartment. I wish she had left me a key so I could go sleep on her floor even if she’s not there just to see how cute it is all the darn time. She’s coming back soon because I love her and she loves me and misses me too much. Oh yeah, and because she has a job here and would be moving here even if I wasn’t here. 🙂
  • Watched the Bachelorette. On Friday night, because that’s how long it took me to actually have some free time. And I won’t even bother talking about it, because it was seriously the most boring two hours of TV I have ever wasted my time on. Spice it up, producers. I actually fell asleep there for a minute.
  • Discovered that Perfect Couples is back on TV. Yesssssss. So hilarious.
  • Went berry picking and made some jam! That was today and it looks delicious. But we made less than last year, so if you want some, you will have to physically pry it from my cold dead hands.
  • You don’t really think I used ALL those berries for jam, do you? NO. We also made strawberry daiquiris. And also, tomorrow we will have strawberry shortcake. And if there are strawberries left after that, I will stuff my face with them until they are gone. Because they are delicious. So delicious in fact, we might go pick more next weekend. 🙂

Before I blog again, I will have dinner with my second grade teacher. Because she’s great and got in touch with me because they are in town! It will be great. I will also sleep and probably play with my pup, who is looking at me like she’s the most abused dog in the world. You know, she has a rough life, sleeping in the sun and playing with dog toys all day.

Anyhow, that’s the skinny on whatcha missed, blogland. I can’t promise it’ll never happen again, but I CAN promise I will try try try to at least give you a little warning next time. 🙂

Aw, Phuket.

I couldn’t help it. I’m sorry. I know the title is mildly inappropriate.

But if Bentley is seriously coming back, I might throw heavy things at the TV next week and scream AW PHUKET. Because if Bachelorette Ashley can’t pull her head out and see what he’s doing to her, then this season may not be worth watching.


Ashley. You and me are going to have a little one-sided chat here.

Lets go over this one more time:

Bentley: Left. Acted like a huge massive poopfaced jerk. Wants to come back now that you’re not in LA and he can get a trip around the world out of this. Wants to mess with your head. Wants to get in your bed naked and then leave and never look back. Appears to have a blackened soul and a hard heart. Spends more time in the bathroom doing his hair than I do.

JP: Right. (get it!? Left… Right… I’m feeling clever here.) Cute and has an adorable smile. Appears to be “falling in love” or as close as you can get on a TV show that never really works out in the end. Gives kisses that give girls all over America the goosebumps. In a good way. Is protective and jealous but doesn’t punch people. Deserves more one on one dates. Looks like Joseph Gordon Levitt, who is also cute with an adorable smile. And fits your celebrity look-alike mold.

Alright. Got it? Now lets talk about some of these other guys.

Constantine wants to be a bro, I’m pretty sure. Not a husband. I think he wants to arm wrestle and race and maybe treat you like a little sister. Creepy if you kiss him.

Lucas, Mr. Oil Tycoon. I’m pretty sure I heard him say he never gives up on anything… right after he basically told you he gave up on his marriage. Not smooth. You appeared to miss that whole thing and think he was adorable.

Ames was a big surprise. But I still think he’s not quite it. If your gut reaction was to send him home… you probably should.

I miss West already. He was cute and sweet. I get why you were unsure… but I’m pretty sure you’re just afraid of him and his past. At least on TV, he didn’t get much of a chance.

And, just to point this out one more time… You kept someone extra last week. I’m pretty sure that means you will have to eliminate someone extra at some point. Unless this show now supports polygamy, in which case maybe I will keep watching just for the ew factor. Adding Bentley back into that mix will mean you gotta dump two extras. Just pointing that out.

I hope that the preview that shows you hesitating outside his door results in you running far and fast in the other direction before knocking. Or maybe leaving a flaming bag of poop on his doorstep and then ding-dong-ditching him. Because that’s about all he deserves.

Seriously. If I have to keep talking about Bentley for however many more weeks……. aw, Phuket.

And Let Day 2 Begin!

Alright. First. As I write this, I officially have over 1,000 blog views. You all make me feel so loved. I’ve only been hanging out here for about two and a half weeks and I have so many people who seem to actually care what I have to say! I thank you. 🙂

So, the first day of work was a success! Lots of nice and helpful people. I am looking forward to the many days ahead! I spent pretty much the whole day shadowing and answering the phone. Tomorrow I will do lots more shadowing and watching harassment videos and such. You know, general training stuff. Workplace safety. Violence. You know the drill.

Turns out I was freaking out about the MAX for no reason. I decided to forgo it today, because the Rose Festival Fleet Week is over, and here in Portland there are approximately 934 draw bridges in and around the city. Which means that traffic, specifically bus and MAX traffic, was going to be a horrible mess of stress. So I made Sam drive me to work. And for kicks, I made him pick me up, too. Then, I got to work and found out that they will validate my parking. I may ride the MAX someday, but I may chicken out for a little while still. Just because I can. Oh yeah, and I can sleep an extra half hour, too. That part will be lovely.

Sam enjoyed his first day of work, too! He said there were lots of nice people and he made some friends 🙂 He goes back today tooooo!!!!! It sure is exhausting, but it feels good to be working again!!

Tomorrow, I promise another Bachelorette review. 🙂

It’s a New Job Monday!

Sam and I BOTH start our new jobs today. Which is pretty excellent. A little over a month, and we are both officially employed. That feels good. It feels real good.

Today I will successfully get to work early and get home safely without getting on any wrong trains or missing any important stops.

But. Lets talk about this weekend. Because Saturday night was fun fun super fun.

As I said, I forced Sam to go went on a wonderful date with my man to the Rose Festival CityFair. We got some sweet deals on Groupon for admission for two and five rides. We were thinking of going downtown early Saturday morning for the Grand Floral Parade, but decided that much chaos in one day (the parade plus the carnival) would be too much, so we stayed home and watched it on TV. And when we got to the carnival, I was SO GLAD that we didn’t go downtown early early on Saturday. Because all of the cool floats were right outside the entrance to the carnival, so we could see them right up close and take lots of pictures! The cool thing about the Rose Parade in Portland, is that everything that shows on the float must be natural. So plants, rice, flowers, beans… you get the idea. It’s gotta come from mother earth if you want it to show.

Warning. There are a lot of pictures coming. Just wanted to let you know just in case you get going and then are all, “jeez, Sara, we get it, the floats are nice, just move on already!” It’s my blog. I’ll post as many pictures as I want, thank you. 🙂

My favorite float was the Alaska Airlines float.

This little guy trailed behind the big whale and had airline employees in it pretending to use their barf bags. It was a little cheesy, but the boat is cute. 🙂

There were TONS of beautiful floats!

And, like I said, everything that shows has to be natural. I tried to get a couple of pictures of this to show you what I mean.

This is of that “Battle Ground” sign on the last float I posted a picture of. It’s made of dyed rice. Isn’t that CRAZY!? Plus, there were TONS of beautiful flowers.

Then, we went in to the CityFair. Sam and I had admission for us, plus Katy and Charles left their Groupon down here when they came to visit, since we didn’t end up going. I decided we should just give it to some people who were about to go buy their admission. You know, do a good deed. It makes you feel good. Unless, of course, you give those free admission to some teenagers who are all, “uh, sweet” and then walk away. I wanted you to thank me, yo! Make my heart feel good. Walking off without a thank you was unkind, 17-year-old boy in the Oregon Ducks sweatshirt.

Anyhow. We went inside. Then we went back out because we wanted to look at all of the huge boats along the river. Unfortunately, they were all closed when we got there so we couldn’t tour them. But they were HUGE. In fact, there were several that were so freakin’ big I don’t have pictures of them, because all I could fit in my viewfinder was, like, giant blackness. Or half an anchor. You get the idea. I did get a couple pictures of the smaller boats.

And finally, we went back into the CityFair to walk around, people watch, and go on a couple of rides. And take a ridiculous number of pictures on my camera. I have to say, we gave our extra ride ticket to someone too (must have been high on that good deed feeling from the unappreciative 17-year-old), and she was MUCH nicer. She thanked me about forty times, so I guess it makes up for the stupid kid. 🙂 Anyhow. Another slew of pictures, comin’ atcha.



And also. I love this guy. Oh yeah, and I got new glasses! 🙂

We left the fair and went to meet our friends (remember Lindsey, the graduate?) for a celebratory beverage. Lets just say… the establishment we chose was less than stellar. And it turned out to be a huge high school reunion for Sam. Which was hilarious and also awkward. It’s a good thing I thrive on awkwardity. Yep, I made that word up. But the awkwardness just makes me want to dance. Or sing. Or do something fun (I swear, I was just drinking Diet Coke. I’m just not exactly shy.). So we embraced the strange twist to the evening and I met lots of people Sam hadn’t talked to since high school.

Anyhow. I hope you have a happy, happy Monday and a wonderful week. I hope you like awkwardity like I do.



I have some news.

I got a new job! I found out last week but I haven’t been saying anything for fear that talking about it will make it go away. I start on Monday as a Recruiter Assistant at a snazzy well-known employment recruiting firm. Wish me luck!

I have these stupid irrational fears. Like my background check will get mixed up somehow with a crazy lady who ran down main street shooting a gun and spent ten years in jail. Or with the guy who was peddling drugs to middle schoolers and now isn’t allowed within 100 yards of anyone under 18. Or the crack addict who took the drug test before me. And then my sweet new job will go away, down the drain, for something stupid that has nothing to do with me.

So. I haven’t told anyone, really. My dad called me yesterday and told me I was a creep for not calling when I found out. Sorry, dad. Papa, I’m pretty sure you’re mad too. I apologize.

I start my new job at 9 on Monday morning! I’m going to try and ride the MAX into the city, to save myself the $50/day in parking. That means I have to be confident enough to navigate public transportation by myself. I can do this. Breathe, Sara. I have to confess, any other time I’ve been on the MAX, I pretty much just follow Sam around and let him lead the way. I’m directionally challenged that way. I have trouble with the difference between left and right. It makes him crazy. I know, I’m 23 and I always say left when I mean to say right. It is a curse I just can’t escape no matter how hard I try. So, everyone hope and pray with me that Monday morning I get on the right train at the right time and also manage to get off at the right stop. Then again at 5, please hope I can find my way home. It’ll help me to know you guys are with me. 🙂

So, that’s the downlow on new news in my life. I apologize for disappearing from blog land for two days with no warning or good excuse for why I’ve been gone. I just… have.

TONIGHT. I WILL be going to the CityFair. I must. I want to. I will ride rides and eat junk food and maybe even get a drink. We will be celebrating a dear friend’s successful graduation from College! Congrats, Lindsey! We love you! 🙂

Also, to ensure I don’t disappear from blog land anytime soon again, I’d love a little input on what you would like to hear about from my little corner of the internet. What should I be writing about, people!? I’ve got some ideas rolling around in my little brain, but I’d like to know what you want to read, too!!

Things I Learned from Second Graders

So. I guess I’ve never explicitly stated this.

I live with my boyfriend and his parents. There. I said it. Judge me, I dare you. Free rent and pool access and tasty meals and a warm house are worth it. Plus, they are pretty great people.

Anyway. That was a round-about way of getting to Maggie (Sam’s mom) asking me to come in and help out in her second grade classroom. It’s the last week of class, and her kiddos needed a little help painting clay birds they made. She asked me to come in for about an hour this morning… I stayed all day. But, these second graders. They can teach you stuff.

1. Be yourself. You may be crazy or a cry baby or the popular kid or super smart, but who freakin’ cares? Let that freak flag fly high.

2. Squiggly lines are a struggle for anybody with a paintbrush. Doesn’t matter how small.

3. SHOUTING is definitely the best way to make sure someone is paying attention to you.

4. If someone says they will help you in just one second, sneak up behind them and then get the paint yourself. It makes everyone happy and you look like a winner. And the paint definitely won’t end up on the carpet or in your hair or all over the table because you needed half a bottle of black acrylic paint.

5. Cops have cool jobs and neat tools (like GUNS and TASERS and A VEST!)

6. Always have a snack about an hour before lunch. It will calm you.

7. Be kind to your table neighbor. Otherwise they might steal your milk during lunch.

8. Patience is a virtue that is learned. And at age 8, you haven’t learned it yet.

9.  I just KNOW I was one of the cute, sweet ones that teachers just loved to have around and under foot every second of the day… right? Oh wait… I’m pretty sure those kids don’t really exist. Only to their parents and in their own heads. Sorry Mrs. LaPutka. 🙂

And 10. I think I’m glad I didn’t become a teacher. It would be incredibly rewarding, I’m sure. But it would also be fully exhausting and not so rewarding sometimes and frustrating all the time and and and and and and….

teachers are saints.

A Bachelorette Breakdown

For real. A breakdown. First over a mean joke… but if you seriously thought that a roast was a good idea for a date, you have got some issues. Isn’t the point of a roast to hurt people’s feelings? And you were surprised they said mean things about you? I mean, yeah, they were stupid for doing it, but you pretty much challenged them to do it first. Not wise. Then, I’m pretty sure there was just an hour of crying. Over a serious, serious jerk. Unimpressed. (WHY do I keep watching this show!?)

Ashley, I hope when you are watching this now, you don’t feel stupid, you just feel like he’s a jerk. He seriously played you. You seriously seem to have fallen for a jackwagon (my new favorite insult. I don’t know what a jackwagon is, but it’s fun to say. Say it out loud now. You’ll like it. Jackwagon. Jackwagon.). Anyway, I guess anyone can be fooled by a pretty face and manipulative words. But all the signs were there. Just sayin’. ALSO. Using his daughter as a pawn in his stupid jackass game made me want to punch him in the jugular. And… this “friend” Michelle from Salt Lake City…. is this CRAZY MICHELLE from last season? Because ewwwwwww.

Next. William, you are so, so stupid. It’s nice that she gave you a second chance because you had a cute first date, but no more jokes from you. Especially mean ones that make people cry. Those aren’t funny.

JP. If Ashley doesn’t pick you, please come to my house. I’m sure Sam will understand. You appear to give some seriously steamy kisses and you are cute and nice.

But lets talk about something reallll quick here. Did Ashley tell the producers she had a thing for celebrity look alikes? Because seriously. It’s freakin’ me out.

Ben F. = Josh Groban


Ames = Harry Connick Junior


And JP = Joseph Gordon Levitt without hair.


And finally, a word to the wise. No matter what he says, your boyfriend does not want to watch this show with you. He may sit through it and suffer with you, but he will complain every fifteen seconds about the stupidity of the show, and then get mad when you want to go back ten seconds to catch the line delivered before the steamy embrace. Then he’ll get mad over how dumb Ashley is. Then he will get really mad at stupid Bentley and want to punch the TV. Then the cycle starts over. And mostly, then he has a reason to make you feel bad and actually want to do it when he says, “Hey will you watch the NBA Playoffs with me? I watched The Bachelorette with you…”

So. Guess what I’m off to do?

Helloooooo Monday!

I hope everyone had a wonderful fantastic suntanned beautiful weekend. It FINALLY felt like summer around here. Please stay. Please please pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Of course, it’s supposed to rain today and tomorrow. But THEN. The sun will be back. And I can’t even see the end of it in the forecast. “Forecast” is kind of a big fat liar word around here, since it changes approximately every 38 minutes, but PLEASE. Be right this time, weather man on channel 8. I need the vitamin D you are promising.

So, something terrible happened this weekend. I met the most adorable puppy in the whole entire world. His name was George. There are several things wrong with this scenario.

1. He already has a family. A loving, loving family and a big house and a big yard. But I was SO tempted to steal him anyway. His owners were in California… I don’t think they would even notice that their giant bed warmer was gone.

2. He is an English Mastiff. He has bigger feet than me. And he is 5 months old. He will weigh 150 lbs in six months. He wouldn’t fit in my bed. He would make Mandy look like a squeaky toy. I still wanted him.

3. The real tragedy here, my friends, is that I FORGOT MY CAMERA when I went to go see him. He was so, so, so cute. And I have no pictures to remember him by. Or to share with you. I tried to find one on google images but none of them do him the slightest bit of justice. Believe me when I say that smashed up face and bear feet would have made your heart melt.

Saturday was a lovely, lovely day. Sleeping in was great, followed by a wonderfully lovely pedicure. Then there were several hours of pool lounging, and book reading, followed by a wonderful glass of white wine and pulled pork sandwiches for dinner. Have I ever mentioned that Sam’s dad makes the worlds best barbecue sauce? It tastes like the walls of heaven would if they were made of sauce.

Then, something very strange happened. In the form of deciding to watch Black Swan. Which we had never seen. And which was very strange indeed. However, it was made a little funny by Sam’s serious discomfort through the whole thing. Anytime they showed her feet, he freaked out like she was going to cut them off. Every time they showed the scratch on her back, he about gagged. He even freaked out at one point when she puts her pointe shoes in some broken glass to shred up the bottoms. It made the whole experience slightly humorous. Man, I love that guy. 🙂

Sunday, I got my butt kicked played tennis and won every game. Followed by leftover pulled pork sandwiches. Delicious, delicious. Yum yum yum. I also watched refused to watch Sam climb up on the roof (he had a rope with him, so it was totally safe…. riiiight…) and do a little cleaning. I kept my nose buried in a book and two cell phones by my side for calling 911 and ears wide open to listen for thumping or shouting or falling of any kind. It’s a very steep roof here, my friends. Very steep.

Tomorrow, we will officially have been living in Portland for one whole month. It’s been a good month. A lovely month in a new city that I am seriously loving. A whole month someplace I’ve never lived before. And I haven’t gotten lost since like the second day here. It must be a sign that I should stay forever.

Also. Something weird. Today is 6/6/11. I graduated high school five years ago today. And it is SO, SO interesting to look at how far I have come.

P.S., sorry for the serious lack of pictures in this post. I’ll work on it, I swear.


Another Little Love List: Book Edition

It’s time. Time for another love list, that is. Today’s edition: Books I love.

If you know me, you know I’m a big reading nut. I love reading. Sometimes, I love reading trashy romance novels I can predict through and through, like Nora Roberts. Sometimes I like reading tear-jerkers ala Nicholas Sparks. I also often like teen fiction. But, I do read things of substance occasionally too. Just had to get it out there. You should also know that yes, I read Twilight. No, it will not make the list. Don’t send me hate mail.

And, let me just say this right now. The list will be in Top 5 format. BUT. It is NOT cheating if I decide an entire series goes under just one number. So what if book four was actually my fav? All seven make the list. And with that, we begin. Where all top five book lists should.

1. Harry Potter.  First, you have to know. This picture is making me crazy because the books are in a wonky, weird, non-order. WHY is Deathly Hallows next to Chamber of Secrets? Why is Sorcerer’s Stone in the middle? This is not how it works, people. Those of us who very likely have a mild case of OCD need those books in series order. NEED IT PEOPLE!!! Anyhow, I digress. I love these books because they are great. Book five (Order of the Phoenix) is my least favorite. Books 3, 4, and 7 are my favorites. 7 is the stand out favorite, but for some reason I always forget to include it because it shouldn’t count because it is SO OBVIOUSLY the best one. Also. I know that admitting to loving Harry Potter so vehemently (I don’t think I’ve ever used that word in a sentence before. go me.) might make me a nerdbomber. Don’t care. Love them anyway. I’ll shout it from the mountaintops if you ask me to.

2. Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen. I read this book long, long before they made it a movie. It was an instant favorite. It is just so good! It is a great portrayal of circus life (something I know lots about, obviously) and so raw and good you just can’t put it down. The movie was good, but the book was about a zillion times better. I read her second book, Ape House, and didn’t like it at all. Just throwing that out there.

3. The Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins. I read all three books in about 3 days, I think. No favorite, they all rock. The plot is so dark and twisted, but somehow Katniss keeps such a beautiful outlook and remains a hero. It tackles big huge issues and just keeps on making you want to read more. I can’t wait for the movie!

4. The Help by Katherine Stockett. I actually just finished reading this one. It is just a beautiful look into the life of the maids in white houses of the south in the 1960’s. The movie comes out soon so get on this bandwagon and read the book if you haven’t! It is moving and sad at times and makes you laugh out loud at times and it’s great. Pick it up when you’ve got a few hours. You won’t want to put it down.

5. The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein. Because I love pups. And Seattle. And this book is guaranteed to make you cry, told from the point of view of an old and faithful pup who loves nothing more than his man. It’s a good one.

Also. I just want to brag a little bit. About our weekend weather. Because it usually rains rains rains. And if it gets sunny, we usually top out at about 72. BUT. Here is a little taste of how my weekend will look. From my lounger by the pool. With trashy novels in hand.

Ooh ooh! And… there is exciting news coming next week. 🙂 Well, you probably won’t care. But I think it’s exciting!!