Happy Tuesday!

Happy Happy Tuesday! I cannot believe it will be June tomorrow. But, I just KNOW you want to hear alllll about our long weekend. And what a lovely, fun-friend-filled weekend it was!

First, meet this little beauty:

This is Timber. Isn’t he CUTE!?!?! And if Timber isn’t just the cutest name for a pup, I don’t know what is (other than Mandy, of course…). He is one of Mandy’s new best friends. He came to visit on Friday with his human puppy-sitters, for a laid back Friday afternoon!

Then, these lovely folks showed up at the door Saturday morning!

It was so, so great to see them. Katy and I have been looking forward to this weekend’s little reunion for quite some time, so to see her face at the door on Saturday was just great. Katy and I left the boys at home and headed off to the mall to get into a little trouble do some window shopping. Window shopping is hard to do when it’s the Nordstrom’s Half Yearly sale and you are still getting used to the glory of not paying sales tax!

Saturday night we  had too much to drink  stayed in and played games and went to bed early ;).

The weather was SUPPOSED to be nicer on Sunday, so we planned a great little bike ride into the city along the river. We got started a little later than planned, but as we get closer and closer to our supposed “summer,” these long days are great! We had a leisurely, picture-taking ride into the city,

over the Steel bridge,

and into the Pearl. (ps, check out how high up the river is! When we went on this bike ride last summer, the water was about 10 feet lower!)

Thank goodness for all-day Sunday happy hours! We enjoyed a drink and some excellent food here:

Happily filled with food, we began our journey back through town, across the bridge, along the waterfront, past a flock of Canada geese and their babes, past the amusement park full of screaming children, and finally to the car. All with only about 10 minutes of cursing the weather man for lying to us about that “0% chance of rain on Sunday.”

All in all, a busy, exhausting weekend. Katy and Charles, thanks for making the long trek down to see us. Next time, we camp at the beach and maybe do some Arctic Yoga.


4 thoughts on “Happy Tuesday!

  1. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is such a great post 🙂 I love your collage work! Look at all these cool new skills you are putting to use 🙂 I love it. And I love you. And it was so wonderful to see you this weekend and play. Before too long it will all happen again.

    Hugs, lady!

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