A Little Love List: Things I Love

Here is another Top 5 list for you. “Things” edition. Five things I love. Coming at ya.

1. This bad boy. It’s lean and mean and it takes fancy pictures. It begs me to get out of it’s bag and do a little shutterbuggin’. Best graduation gift to myself ever.

2. Oh, Nook. How you make my life wonderful. Yes, you are the original and sometimes when I want to read on you, you tell me it’s been too long since I charged you. But you let me check out library books and also I can borrow books from my other Nook-loving friends. If you were snuggle-able, I’d spoon you all night (is that awkward?).

3.  The Chuckit. Such an easy little thing, but it seriously changes my life. If you knew a) what a girly throwing arm I have and b) how disgustingly slobbery my dog gets after about 15.3 seconds of playing fetch, you would really understand. First of all, I don’t have to touch any slobber at all. Second, I don’t have to exert hardly any energy to tucker Mandy out for the whole rest of the day. And finally, I can actually throw the ball more than 10 feet with it. In fact, it is so important to my life that we own at least three. Because we forget one somewhere, and can’t make it more than two days without one. Because we have the short-range and the long-range version (I personally don’t really get the difference except one is short and orange and one is long and blue. Sam seems to think they have different throwing styles. I believe him.) You win, Chuckit. You always do.

4.  My sunglasses. I found them on the beach in Australia. They must be lucky, because I’ve had them for at least three summers. Before these I’m pretty sure the longest I ever had a pair of sunglasses without losing or breaking them is like two weeks. Mostly though, I love them because they mean the sun is out. And my sunroof is probably open. And Mandy’s slobbery face is probably blowin’ in the wind behind me.

5. This video.  Because it’s short and sweet and even though of the 46 million views it has, I’m at least 37 of them, it makes me laugh every. single. time. It can make writing a paper more tolerable. Perfect amount of time to watch during another lame Allstate Hulu commercial. It’s perfect for those moments when you just don’t think you can go any more. Basically, it’s just perfect. and adorable.


3 thoughts on “A Little Love List: Things I Love

  1. Sarah – I got a Nook yesterday, so now we can swap books :-D. Love the video too, hadn’t seen that one. LOL!

  2. OK, that Surprised Kitty video NEVER gets old, does it? Sooooo cuuuute. ❤

    And the Chuckit…Mandy and the Chuckit made me a dog person! I never liked playing slobber fetch, and that made it hard to have fun with doggies. I love that thing. 🙂

    I have a request for a future Top 5 post. I'd like to hear about your Top 5 favorite new places/things in Portland! 🙂

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