Welcome Welcome!

Alright. It has to be mentioned that Mama Kat is the best blogging Aunt in history. Because of her, I am welcoming lots and lots of new readers!

Thanks for stopping by here and I hope you come back soon!! It’s been lovely feeling my ego get a little boosted with comments from strangers and climbing blog views.

My big head and I thank you. 🙂





Happy Tuesday!

Happy Happy Tuesday! I cannot believe it will be June tomorrow. But, I just KNOW you want to hear alllll about our long weekend. And what a lovely, fun-friend-filled weekend it was!

First, meet this little beauty:

This is Timber. Isn’t he CUTE!?!?! And if Timber isn’t just the cutest name for a pup, I don’t know what is (other than Mandy, of course…). He is one of Mandy’s new best friends. He came to visit on Friday with his human puppy-sitters, for a laid back Friday afternoon!

Then, these lovely folks showed up at the door Saturday morning!

It was so, so great to see them. Katy and I have been looking forward to this weekend’s little reunion for quite some time, so to see her face at the door on Saturday was just great. Katy and I left the boys at home and headed off to the mall to get into a little trouble do some window shopping. Window shopping is hard to do when it’s the Nordstrom’s Half Yearly sale and you are still getting used to the glory of not paying sales tax!

Saturday night we  had too much to drink  stayed in and played games and went to bed early ;).

The weather was SUPPOSED to be nicer on Sunday, so we planned a great little bike ride into the city along the river. We got started a little later than planned, but as we get closer and closer to our supposed “summer,” these long days are great! We had a leisurely, picture-taking ride into the city,

over the Steel bridge,

and into the Pearl. (ps, check out how high up the river is! When we went on this bike ride last summer, the water was about 10 feet lower!)

Thank goodness for all-day Sunday happy hours! We enjoyed a drink and some excellent food here:

Happily filled with food, we began our journey back through town, across the bridge, along the waterfront, past a flock of Canada geese and their babes, past the amusement park full of screaming children, and finally to the car. All with only about 10 minutes of cursing the weather man for lying to us about that “0% chance of rain on Sunday.”

All in all, a busy, exhausting weekend. Katy and Charles, thanks for making the long trek down to see us. Next time, we camp at the beach and maybe do some Arctic Yoga.

Happy Memorial Day!

First of all, a very Happy Memorial Day to those who do what so many of us do not. Thank you, thank you, thank you. For keeping us safe and sacrificing yourselves for the good of our nation. For being willing to leave your families and fight for our freedoms. For all that you do.


Tomorrow, I will come back to tell you all about a wonderful long weekend!

Happy Monday.


A Little Love List: Things I Love

Here is another Top 5 list for you. “Things” edition. Five things I love. Coming at ya.

1. This bad boy. It’s lean and mean and it takes fancy pictures. It begs me to get out of it’s bag and do a little shutterbuggin’. Best graduation gift to myself ever.

2. Oh, Nook. How you make my life wonderful. Yes, you are the original and sometimes when I want to read on you, you tell me it’s been too long since I charged you. But you let me check out library books and also I can borrow books from my other Nook-loving friends. If you were snuggle-able, I’d spoon you all night (is that awkward?).

3.  The Chuckit. Such an easy little thing, but it seriously changes my life. If you knew a) what a girly throwing arm I have and b) how disgustingly slobbery my dog gets after about 15.3 seconds of playing fetch, you would really understand. First of all, I don’t have to touch any slobber at all. Second, I don’t have to exert hardly any energy to tucker Mandy out for the whole rest of the day. And finally, I can actually throw the ball more than 10 feet with it. In fact, it is so important to my life that we own at least three. Because we forget one somewhere, and can’t make it more than two days without one. Because we have the short-range and the long-range version (I personally don’t really get the difference except one is short and orange and one is long and blue. Sam seems to think they have different throwing styles. I believe him.) You win, Chuckit. You always do.

4.  My sunglasses. I found them on the beach in Australia. They must be lucky, because I’ve had them for at least three summers. Before these I’m pretty sure the longest I ever had a pair of sunglasses without losing or breaking them is like two weeks. Mostly though, I love them because they mean the sun is out. And my sunroof is probably open. And Mandy’s slobbery face is probably blowin’ in the wind behind me.

5. This video.  Because it’s short and sweet and even though of the 46 million views it has, I’m at least 37 of them, it makes me laugh every. single. time. It can make writing a paper more tolerable. Perfect amount of time to watch during another lame Allstate Hulu commercial. It’s perfect for those moments when you just don’t think you can go any more. Basically, it’s just perfect. and adorable.

A Little Love List

Well. Want to learn a little more about me? In the form of Top 5 lists? I thought you might. So today, we start with 5 people I love. (lists, are, in fact, something I love. But today is just for people).

1. This guy. He’s the very best. He snuggles me in the mornings and he does the breakfast dishes. He likes to read books and play soccer and watch ESPN and hates it when I take his picture and talk/write/blog about him. So lets keep this one between you and me, eh?


(P.S. I also love Space Mountain, so this picture is like a 2-for-1! Victory.)

2. This girl. I know, I know. She’s not a people. But she is pretty darn close! Her full name is Mandy Snuggletoes Cupcake. She answers to Mandy-Pandy (or anything else that rhymes with Mandy), Booger, Punky, or any other name she thinks might get her food/a treat/a toy/some attention. She loves to play fetch and snuggle and eat. Her best doggy friend is my parents’ service dog, Carlson. She has made my life so, so, so very much brighter. And she learned after only one pair of shoes that they aren’t worth the wrath of Sara.

3. The fam. I love em’ all, but there’s nothing like a momma AND a best friend. She always returns my phone calls. She answers all of my stupid questions. Shes a good pillow and she always shares her side of the bed if I happen to crawl in when I stay at home. We adventure to new places together. She knows what my favorite things are. She knows my friend’s birthdays, too, and she calls to tell them. She’d do anything for me. And I’d do pretty much anything for her, too.

4. My pappy. He gives good hugs and he wears his emotions on his sleeve and he only gives me the disappointed dad look sometimes. When I ask to take his picture he makes a crazy face. He sings the wrong lyrics all the time. He moves to far away places like Australia, and then calls me a week before spring break and tells me to book a ticket. Then he takes me to the bar and sings Jesse’s Girl with me. When I was little, he’d do just about anything to make me laugh. Including barking like a dog at oncoming traffic. He’s the best and I love him.

5. This girl. She is my very best friend for lots and lots of reasons. Because she can’t stand to be so far away from me, so she’s moving to Portland, too. Because she will take crazy pictures with me and make funny faces and lay on the floor and giggle for hours. Because she understands the importance of a good burrito buddy. She will be here soon! Yay. 🙂

6. I know, I know, I said 5. But technically this one doesn’t count because there isn’t a picture (right?). (NOTE: HOW IS IT POSSIBLE THAT THERE ARE ZERO PICTURES OF ALL OF US!?!?!?! as far as I’m concerned, that’s a pretty serious fail on our part.) My DYL girls. Tammy, Elizabeth, Heidi, JoJo, and Carly were my family in Bellingham. They listened to too many endless rants, got up at 4 in the morning to watch The Royal Wedding, came over for junk food and The Bachelor, and provided me with the warmth and love and support I needed. Plus, they share good gossip and make for a healthy (if inappropriate) workplace.

(Insert sassy workplace photo here)

Next up, another 5 loves list. What will it be…

Here We Go!

Well. Here it is. HELLLOOOOOO Blogland.

To be honest, I’m not real savvy on this whole blog thing. I’m working on it. Learn with me and be patient, please and thank you.

Here is what I can tell you so far about what is going to go on here in my little corner of the internet:

Sometimes, I might tell you about all the fun things happening in my little life. Sometimes I might complain. It is likely that I will post a picture or two or seven. Sometimes I might blog a little. Sometimes, I might blog a lot. You might get an occasional story about something that happened to me a long time ago that I want to share with you because it’s funny or traumatic or important to me somehow. I may try to predict my future (or at least predict what I want it to look like). Maybe I’ll post a crafty project or two if I ever get my scrapbooking stuff out of my mom’s garage. I might sometimes blog from Mama Kat’s Writers Workshop. Because I know her and she’s my aunt and she’s funny and has good blog topics. There may be an occasional guest blogger. And by guest blogger, I mean my dog.

There will be typos. I will try not to have to many, but they will be there. I promise to be myself and you can learn about me if you wanna. Or, just pretend to like my blog so we can stay friends.

Mostly, there will be tidbits about what it’s like to be me. What I do on a rainy Thursday (today: fight with Gimp for approximately 4 hours and then start a blog). Why i’m feeling particularly great about living in this beautiful new city (because even though it’s raining today, it is beautiful here. I look at a new mountain everyday. I’m adventuring to new places with the man and pup I love). What I am excited about (new jobs and friends coming to visit and the Rose Festival CityFair!), and whatever else strikes me to write down.

So, here we go blogland. I’m here. I’ll try to stick around a while.